Vitamins and Minerals and Their Health Benefits

February 9, 2010

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The health Benefits of Vitamins

Fundamental to the existence, vitamins are organic substances that are necessary for the processes of life. Because they exist in small quantities in foods of natural origin, they are considered nutrients – such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, water, minerals – that act alone or interact with each other. However, it is not the vitamins that nourish the body, but they are the catalytic converters that cause and help achieve the many functions: energy production, hormone metabolism, immune system, cell growth, acquiring and digesting food. Chemically, vitamins are different. They may be amines, acids or alcohols.

Types of Vitamins: there are two types of vitamins: fat soluble (dissolve in fat) and soluble (dissolve in water).

Fat soluble vitamins
Vitamin A benefits (retinol);
Vitamin D benefits (vitamin antirachitic or calciferol);
Vitamin E benefits (fertility vitamin or tocopherol);
Vitamin K benefits (antihemorrhagics vitamin).

Soluble vitamins
Vitamin B1 benefits (thiamine);
Vitamin B2 benefits (riboflavin, lactoflavine, ovoflavine);
Vitamin B3 benefits (vitamin PP or nicin);
Vitamin B5 benefits (pantothenic acid);
Vitamin B6 benefits (pyridoxine);
Vitamin B8 benefits (vitamin H or biotin);
Vitamin B9 benefits (folic acid);
Vitamin B12 benefits (cobalamin);
Vitamin B15 benefits (pangamic acid or choline);
Vitamin C benefits (ascorbic acid);

The Health Benefits of Minerals

Minerals and trace elements that are essential to life, like vitamins they are involved in many vital processes that can not be replaced by any other substance. Because the body can not synthesize, they must come from food or supplements. Interacting with other nutrients, they participate equally in the growth, reproduction and maintaining a healthy body along the years.

Various minerals have many health benefits. Here is a list of minerals and their health benefits:


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