How to Lose Belly Fat Fast: the guide for losing belly fat easy

Many of us dream about having six pack abs with ripped muscles and no belly fat. A fabulous waistline is a goal worth striving for. You will look sexier and all your friends will envy you for your ripped abs. The opposite sex will be mesmerized by your alluring physique. If you decide that a fatless belly is a goal worth fighting for I will tell you how to lose belly fat fast:

The Lose Belly Fat Fast Diet

The first thing you have to do is go on a belly fat burning diet. Initially this diet was created especially to help men lose stomach fat fast. But it has been adapted and now it is an universal diet that both men and women can follow. This belly fat blasting diet is guaranteed to show you results in 6 weeks. You will be amazed of the results you will get.


The key to this diet is eating 12 fat burning foods. These foods are rich in muscle building nutrients and fat burning substances. The diet contains foods like almonds or other nuts, beans, vegetables, spinach, dairies, oat flakes, whole grain bread, eggs, turkey or chicken meat, peanut butter, virgin olive oil and berries.

The frequency of your meals is very important. You have to eat 6 times a day at fixed intervals. It is very important that you create a meal schedule and that you stick to it. Also your meals have to be smaller. Smaller meals but frequent will stimulate your metabolism to burn more fats. Because your body knows it is going to get all the food it needs it will start burning the excess fats instead of packing them on. Another benefit of eating small meals frequently is that you never overeat.

During this fat burning diet you aren’t required to count any calories. Counting calories always drives me mad. Forget all the dieting rules you know and just follow this diet. The results will get noticed soon.

Here are some belly fat blasting dieting rules you should obey:


-reduce the amount of fatty foods or high cholesterol foods that you eat
-use virgin olive oil in your cooking
-stop eating fried foods, especially deep fried foods.
-stop eating fast food and junk food
-reduce the amount of butter and margarine that you eat
-increase the amount of proteins that you eat daily
-eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of salads
-eat your food slowly, chewing very well every bite
-eat foods containing lots of fibers to make you feel full faster and keep hunger away for longer periods of time.
-after 6pm reduce the amount of carbohydrates that you eat. Avoid eating potatoes, rice, pastas, bread…
-don’t use mayo or any other fatty sauces on your food
-eat 6 times a day instead of 2-3 super big meals
-never skip breakfast
-so you don’t go crazy allow yourself to have a dieting day off once a week. Suring that day you can indulge any craving but with moderation.

I know that dieting isn’t a pleasant thing to do but the results are well worth the effort. Always keep in mind what you are struggling for and your dieting efforts will become more easy and pleasant. Picture yourself with perfect abs and get all the motivation you need.

Here is an example menu you can use and adapt as needed:

For breakfast you can eat:
– two pieces of toasted whole grain bread with peanut butter and yogurt or
-milk or yogurt with whole grain cereals(oat especially). The whole grain cereals shouldn’t contain dried fruits or any sugar.

A light healthy snack:
-25 grams of almonds, peanuts or nay nuts you like or
-5 oat biscuits or
-1 boiled egg or
-berries or
-a whole grain sandwich with turkey and lettuce

For lunch you can eat:

-grilled or steamed turkey or chicken meat with green beans or
-roasted meat with a spinach salad containing virgin olive oil or
-spinach with rice and a boiled egg

Another light healthy snack: just as the one mentioned above.

For supper you can eat:
-a spinach salad with virgin olive oil or
-a boiled egg or
– whole grain bread with peanut butter or
-oat biscuits or
-oat flakes with yogurt or milk with berries or
-a fruit salad.

A light healthy snack: it should be half the size of the snacks you have eaten during the day. If you can don’t eat it or just nibble a little food.

Your figure is underlined by your waistline. That is why it is important to have great looking abs. Unfortunately just keeping a diet won’t cut it when it comes to blasting belly fat away. You will have to exercise too.

Exercising is a must if you want to get rid of belly fat


The diet will help you lose the stubborn belly fat but you have to work out your abdominal muscles to make your abs look ripped. Exercising is a must when tackling the belly fat. By exercising you help your body burn more fat. Also by exercising your abdominal muscles you will achieve a fabulous looking abdomen. It is a win-win situation.

If you want to burn the belly fat you will have to reduce all the fat quantities from your body. You cannot only burn the belly fat. Spot reduction is a widely spread fitness myth. As any myth it isn’t true. You will have to work out all your muscles to achieve a six pack ab. Muscles help your body burn fat. The bigger is your muscle mass the more fat you will burn. Simple.

A super simple workout tip that most people don’t know and use is the following: if you want to burn more fat faster you should do the anaerobic exercises first and then the aerobic exercises. By doing the anaerobic exercises first you burn all the sugars form your body. When you start doing aerobic exercises, which are famous for their fat melting capabilities, your body will have to start burning the fat because there is no sugar in it to burn. This way you maximize the results you will get form working out.

When you start any workout remember to warn-up by doing some light stretching. This way you will avoid possible painful injuries. Always warm-up.

5 fat burning ripped abs exercises you can do in your home:


1st belly fat burning exercise:

Lie on your back on a yoga matters with your face to the ceiling, your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, your legs lifted up and your calves being parallel with the soil.

Put your hand behind your back and your elbows towards the outside and lift your shoulders form the matters.

Extend your legs and put them one on top of the other and at the same time lift your arms above your head

In this position put one leg on top of the other alternatively for 8 times. After that get back to the starting position.


2 belly fat burning exercise:

Lie on your back, on a yoga mattress, with the soles of your feet on the ground. Keep your legs at shoulders distance. Keep your arms next to your body.

Extend one leg forwards towards the ceiling contracting your abdominal muscles. Sustain your whole body weight on the other leg and lift your butt off the floor. Your goal is to create a straight line from your knee to your shoulder.

Lift your hands above your shoulders. Make 8 small circles with your extended leg in the air, clockwise and then backwards another 8.

Switch and do the same exercise with the other leg.


3rd belly fat burning exercise:

Stand with your legs slightly apart and your hands above your head with your palms oriented towards the inside.

Step forward with your left leg having your knee bent at a 90 degree angle.

Keep the other leg straight and lower yourself lowering at the same time your hands next to your body.

Retract your left leg so that you stay straight and then put forward your right leg and lift your hand above your head.

Do this exercise 15 times and them switch the leg.



4th belly fat burning exercise:

Keep your feet slightly apart. Step with your left leg behind and to the left of your right foot, bending both your knees at a 90 degree while you lift your arms above your head with your palms oriented towards the inside.

Straighten your left leg while you pull your right leg towards your right and lower your arms at shoulder level.

Do this exercise 12 times for each leg.





5th belly fat burning exercise:

Stay with your legs wide apart and your toes pointing outside at a 45 degree. Bend your knees and bring your arms towards your belly with your palms facing each other and your elbows slightly bent.

Lift your right leg while your straighten your left leg. Place the sole of your right foot on the left knee while you lift your arms above your head.

Do this exercise 15 times switching your legs.


Aerobic exercises are a must in the fight against belly fat

Create for yourself an aerobic exercise schedule and stick to it. Take a 1 say bread between the aerobic exercises so that you don’t exhaust your body too much. Give your body all the time it needs to repair itself.

Jogging is a fabulous fat burning exercise that is also very cheap to do. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and you are set to go. You can start slowly. Start by walking first. Get in the habit of walking for 30 at least minutes each day. Slowly start walking faster and faster. In no time you will be jogging at maximum speed for one whole hour.

If you can’t stand jogging start dancing or swimming. Swimming is a fabulous exercise. Water is 18 times more resistant than air which makes your muscles work harder. Because it also lifts you, water exercises are really good for people who suffer from joint problems.

There are many forms of aerobic exercises you can do. All you have to do is find one that you like. You might turn out to be a fan of rollerblading. It’s never too late to learn a new sport and have fun.


I hope you will lose the belly fat and replace all that fat with stunning ripped six pack abs that will put the Hollywood stars to shame. Knowing how to do something is one thing. Actually doing it is the secret of any achievement. You now know everything you need about how to lose belly fat. All you have to do now is implement and actually do it. Start the fat melting diet and exercise more. Soon you will see results and I am sure you will double your efforts.

Remember to have fun during the whole fat burning muscle building process. That way you will increase your chances of actually reaching your goal. I wish you good luck and a beautiful six pack ab.

Do you know any other fat burning tips or six pack abs secrets? Please tell them to me. Write them in the comments below.

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