The Best Exercise Gadgets To Lose Weight Fast At Home

Didn’t you know creating a top-notch workout is possible, even while at home? Yes, it’s possible! Plus, the needs for those bulky treadmill and elliptical exercise equipment are eliminated, just by these small pieces of equipment you can carry anywhere, and keep in the convenience of your own home. has compiled fitness experts’ must-have gadgets , exercise items, favorite fitness routines and very handy tips, just for you! Find out how you can get a toning, calorie-burning workout without leaving the comfort of your home.

Tip #1: Buy a jumping rope

Make your sweat sessions a success with jump ropes, which are inexpensive, lightweight and handy as well as great for full-body cardio workouts.

What to do: Jump fast for 2 minutes, drop and do push-ups for 1 minute, then burst back up and jump for another 2 minutes.

Tip#2: Get a workout mat

You can find workout mats that go for as little as $15, which is great value for your money considering they offer great cushioning effects to your body as you exercise. It’s protects your knees during push-ups and offers great padding for doing ab crunches, yoga and pilates.

Tip #3: Acquire a dumbbell

available in a wide range of shapes, weights and sizes, you can never go wrong with dumbbells. Not only do they offer great resistance in strength and weight training, they also engage the use of your stabilizer muscles in exercises such as leg lunges, leg lifts, curls, and bench presses.

Tip #4: Try resistance bands

The exercises you normally do in gyms and fitness centers can easily be performed at home with the help of resistance bands, which generally cost cheap but is one of the best investments you can make for protecting yourself against any workout injury when doing curls, shrugs, and kick-backs.

Tip #5: Make use of an exercise ball

Swiss exercise balls are a hit with people desiring fast weight loss, and why not? They can go as little as $20, are fun to use and are great for working out the core muscles. Exercises that you do on your back, such as chest presses can be done easily on an exercise ball.

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