How to Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight fast is in my opinion the best way to lose weight. I am not talking about losing 40 pounds in 1 week. I am talking about a natural healthy and fast weight loss. Many people are on a perpetual rollercoaster of weight loss. I know people that are saying they want to lose weight for years but they never get started. I know others who lose a couple of pounds, take a break, then gain a couple of pounds and restart the process.

I believe the best way to lose weight is to lose weight fast. I don’t say you should buy the latest miracle weight loss pill, or starve yourself to death. I am talking about setting your mind to lose weight. Become determined to do whatever it takes to get in shape now. Set it as your goal to lose weight as fast as your body can do it in a healthy way.


Make sure your weight loss goal is realizable, exact and programmable. Set a realistic timeframe to achieve your desired weight. Use positive language when stating your goal. Say “I want to lose Y pounds and weight X pounds. I will look fabulous when I will weigh X pounds.” (replace Y and X with the desired amounts). Create a schedule for what you will do to achieve your goal but don’t make it too rigid or to flexible. It has to be just right. That way you won’t get frustrated when you won’t lose weight really fast as you wanted.

Here are some tips to help you lose weight fast and easy:

Carry a notepad and pencil with you for one whole week. Write down all the foods you eat during that week. At the end of the week read all the foods you have eaten. On a piece of paper make a column with healthy foods and one with junk food. Write down all the foods from the notepad on the piece of paper under the column that best fits that food.

Analyze the two lists. If the healthy food list is really short and the junk food and fast food list is really long you have to make some serious changes to your eating habits. Ideally you should eat lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts each day. As a side dish you can eat some meat but the main focus of your meals should be vegetables and fruits.

The best part about eating lots of fruits and vegetables is that they contain few calories. This means you can eat and get full and at the same time lower your caloric intake. With less calories eaten on a daily basis you will start losing weight pretty fast.

As you might have guessed by now you have to stop eating junk food, fast food and sweets if you want to lose weight quickly. If you crave something sweet eat a fruit.

Since we are talking about cravings I suggest you indulge them from time to time. If a food is totally forbidden it holds a fabulous power over you. I know people who cannot go to sleep if they crave something (including me). I learned that the best way to avoid binging is to indulge my cravings when they become almost intolerable. But I indulge my cravings consciously. I eat only half of the desired food. I worked great for me and I am sure it will work great for you. You will be finally free from the hold some foods have on you.

Another fast weight loss trick is to pick the light version of the foods you eat daily. If there is a light version take it. And if there isn’t see if there is an alternative. For example instead of drinking a latte which may have up to 500 calories drink plain coffee or some green tea. Instead of some chocolate cake for dessert eat an orange, grapefruit or any other fruit. Instead of fatty meat choose lean meat. As a side dish eat steamed vegetables instead of fried potatoes. Use your imagination and have fun discovering a new world of culinary possibilities. Who knows, maybe you will stumble upon a new favorite food that is also friendly to your waistline.


Start your days with a healthy and energizing breakfast. Forget the bacon and eggs and eat whole grain cereals with milk or yogurt. Eat some fruit. Fruit smoothies are fabulous in the morning. All these foods are light and full of energy. That way you will be ready for whatever the day has in store for you. Never skip breakfast. By eating a good healthy breakfast you jumpstart your metabolism early in the day. A metabolism who starts burning calories early in the morning is a fabulous ally to heave in the fight against the fat.

Eat 4-5, even 6 times per day. 4-5 times if you are a woman and 5-6 times if you are a man. You should never feel too much hunger or full during the day. When you feel you are getting hungry eat something. Eat 3 meals per day and 2-3 healthy snacks in between the meals.

Set a fix schedule for your meals and try to respect it. The world will not end if you stop working for 30 minutes and eat lunch. Don’t hurry when you eat your food. Eat consciously and take your time. Savor the food. By eating slowly you give your body the chance to signal the brain that you are full. You will notice that you are eating much less food which in turn will help you lose weight faster.

It is a good idea to always let some food on your plate. I know there are starving children in China or wherever you want around the globe but stuffing your face won’t help you or them. If you want to help the starving children eat less food and give the saved money to charity. You will be amazed how much money you spent on excess food. Smaller portions of food are always good for your figure.

When I say eat 2-3 healthy snacks in between the meals I don’t mean chips. Eat a fruit or a yogurt. There are plenty healthy snacks out there to choose form. And most of them are delicious but not that cool. An apple won’t have the same effect n your friends as some chips or buttery popcorn might have.


To make you full fast and keep hunger away for longer eat foods rich in fiber. Your body can’t digest food fibers entirely but it works on them for a long time. Food fibers also improve the efficiency of your digestive system. This two factors combined make it so that you eat less food and feel full for longer periods of time. Besides food fibers have many health benefits. If you start to feel hungry but there are a couple of hours until the next meal eat a healthy snack that is rich in fiber. You can try eating dried fruits, rice cakes, fruits even baby carrots.

The human body is a fabulous machine but sometimes it gets its signals crossed often. Next time when you feel hungry drink a glass of water first and wait for 30 minutes. If you still feel hungry after 30 minutes eat something. We can mistake easily thirst with hunger and overeat when in fact what our body desired was water. So always drink a glass of water before eating to check that it is real hunger. I have a good friend who lost a lot of weight really fast using this simple to do weight loss trick.


Exercise more. I know you dread it, I don’t like it either but it must be done if you want to lose weight fast. You don’t necessarily need to go to a gym to work out even if it is highly recommended. Walking is a great way to exercise and get in shape. If you are a little more daring you can even try jogging. If you find jogging too boring you can always try rollerblading or even learning to dance by joining a dance class.

You can exercise more and lose weight simply by refusing to take the elevator and using the stairs instead. Park your car a little further form the place you have to get. You get the idea. Find as many opportunities to exercise and use them all if you want to lose weight really fast.

Listen closely because I am going to give you a super-duper weight loss secret. First do the anaerobic exercises and them do the aerobic exercises. This is the correct way to exercise for maximum weight loss results. By doing all the anaerobic exercises first you burn all the sugars from your body. Then when you do the aerobic exercises your body is forced to tap into the fat supply and burn it. Everybody knows that aerobic exercises are great for fat burning but if you do them when you have a high level of sugar in your body it will burn the sugar first and then the fat. Do a light warm-up, pump some iron and them go jogging to burn the fat away.

You should give your body all the time it needs to repair itself after an intense workout. Working out every day, especially if you workout the same muscles, won’t give you satisfying results in the long run. Let your muscles repair themselves and grow. That way you will increase your muscle mass. Muscles burn more calories each day. More muscles mean more calories burned daily which in turn helps you lose weight fast.

The key to any successful weight loss is believing in yourself and having the motivation to follow through with your plan. You can lose 30 pounds or more. You are not a quitter. If you have read until here I believe you can make it and lose weight fast and easy. Just stick to it and results will show. If you go astray for a day or even a couple for days don’t punish yourself too hard. Go back on your weight loss program and keep on walking until you reach your desired weight.

If you have any more tips that could help others lose weight fast please write them down in the comments below. I hope you will get slim and skinny fast and start enjoying life at its fullest. Have a great time losing weight and looking stunning.

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