Corn Syrup

The Sticky Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup

Corn SyrupHigh fructose corn syrup, or HFCS, is often advertised as a healthy food additive and sweetener. Many companies make the claim that HFCS is a natural sugar derived from corn and is perfectly safe to consume. HFCS is also used as a food preservative and is considered to be less expensive than using real sugar in foods and beverages. As good as it may seem to be, HFCS can actually impose many detriments to a person’s health.

The Dangers
In spite of its deceptive advertising, HFCS is generally regarded as being unsafe if it is consumed in large amounts. In fact, scientific research indicates that HFCS may even be more dangerous than simple sugar since the body turns HFCS into fat at a faster rate. Studies have shown that HFCS has been linked to increased obesity rates around the world. HFCS may also increase a person’s chance of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Healthier Alternatives

Choosing foods and sweeteners free of HFCS is the smartest way to keep this food additive out of a diet. Honey, molasses and unprocessed maple syrup are often considered to be healthier sweeteners if they are consumed in moderation. Aspartame and sucralose are other artificial sweeteners containing no traces of HFCS and also include fewer calories. Fresh fruit also does not contain HFCS and is a perfectly healthy sweet treat.

Although some HFCS is generally not too dangerous, it is wise to avoid consuming this additive on a regular basis. You can enjoy other types of sweeteners without many of the harmful effects of HFSC.

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