Are Elimination Diets Safe?

April 2, 2013

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Though the foods and food groups that are eliminated change from time to time, elimination diets have been around for years. Most companies and best sellers will tell you that weight loss is within your reach if only you cut “this one simple thing” out of your diet. While that may very well be the case, do you know how cutting things out will affect your health as a whole?
We will look at some of the most popular elimination diets and see if they work and what effect cutting that particular item out of your diet has on your overall health.

Gluten-free sunbutter trufflesGluten Free
A gluten free diet is one that eliminates gluten. Gluten is most often found in wheat though it can also be found in rye, barley and triticale. This means that in your diet you will avoid these grains in their entirety and even cut out foods that have barley, rye and wheat as ingredients that you may not have considered in the first place.

The gluten free diet has been shown to help aid in weight loss in those who can effectively stick with the teachings of a gluten free diet. Although the diet was originally created for those with Celiac disease, there are many people without the disease who see benefits from going gluten free. Some health professionals argue that a gluten free diet in itself does is the cause for weight loss.  Rather, it may be that people see weight loss results due to better food choices and healthier eating overall.

No Carbohydrates
A no carb diet is a high protein diet that aims to induce weight loss by helping the body metabolize fat faster. These diets are often some of the first to show weight loss results, though they may not be sustainable. The body needs carbohydrates to function and making due without them can make it more difficult to maintain your health.

Most professionals agree that instead of going for the less healthy and quicker weight loss of a no carb diet, those looking to lose weight should try a low carb diet where they can still take in essential carbohydrates that the body needs.

Dairy Free
Out of all of the elimination diets, a dairy free diet is the one most likely to stem from medical issues. Lactose intolerance sufferers find that removing dairy from all facets of their diet will help them to feel healthier. Some even say that they see weight loss from a dairy free diet by cutting out items like cheeses and fatty creams. This helps to lessen their daily caloric intake and can help lead the way to weight loss. A dairy free diet can be difficult to maintain, and it requires constant vigilance on the part of the dieter to make sure to read their labels and be aware of what they order at restaurants while eating out.


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