February 16, 2013

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probioticsWhat Are Probiotics?

Probiotics. It’s a term you have probably been hearing more and more in health food commercials and on the sides of packages in the grocery store. But you may not know exactly what it means, or what probiotics can do for your body.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are actually bacteria. But as in all things, not all bacteria are bad. Probiotics are certain kinds of bacteria that are good for your stomach, and can help with digestion and stomach issues you may be having.

What Can They Do For Me?

Better digestion is probably the most widely known effect of taking probiotics. They can help to regulate your digestion, which leads to fewer adverse health issues like heart burn and indigestion.

If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, probiotics can help to lessen some of the symptoms like diarrhea. This is because most of these symptoms are caused by bad bacteria being in the intestinal track.

Probiotics are even good at fighting infections. If you are prone to vaginal yeast infections or urinary tract infections, probiotics can help to regulate the amount of bacteria your body is creating.

Where Can I Find Probiotics?

If you are not looking to add anything new to your diet and still want the benefits of probiotics, you don’t have to worry. There are over the counter probiotic pills and supplements that can be taken. If you choose to take the supplements then it is important to talk to your doctor to find out what the correct dosage for you will be.

The easiest way to get probiotics in your diet is through yogurt. Live culture yogurt and yogurt made from goat milk are especially high in probiotics and really pack a punch in each and every bite.

There are even brands of dark chocolate that have had probiotics added to them. When added like this, dark chocolate can carry up to four times as much probiotics as dairy products!

Miso soup is another easy and enjoyable way to add probiotics to your diet. The traditional Japanese soup packs the probiotics into an easily digestible broth-based soup.

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