Getting Fresh With The Fresh Diet

May 29, 2013


the fresh diet pantryThere are several home delivery diets on the market today. In many ways, most of them are very much alike. You choose from a healthy selection of meals and have them delivered directly to your front door. From there, all you have to do is heat and eat to start seeing weight loss results.
The Fresh Diet aims to give you all of the convenience of a delivered diet without any of the frozen food. With the Fresh Diet, all of the food that is delivered to your home is delivered fresh and never frozen. While you will still need to heat up your food, you can rest assured that it will taste just as fresh as it did when it was created.

Because of the shipping methods used, the Fresh Diet can be somewhat more expensive than other delivery diets. This is because the meals are delivered to you on a daily basis, instead of a weekly or monthly basis.

However, the Fresh Diet states that it is more than worth the costs of shipping to have fresh and never frozen foods delivered to your door. The program even offers two different price tiers, which allow you to choose what works best for you.

The Chef’s Plan allows the Fresh Diet chefs to choose the menu that is right for you. With the Chef’s plan you get three meals a day, as well as two snacks and two side dishes. You also get 8 dislike options so that you can make sure that you are not eating anything you don’t want to. This is the slightly more inexpensive of the plans.

The Premium Plan has all of the foods included in the Chef’s Plan but with considerably more choices. Instead of receiving a pre-made menu every day, you can choose and create your own menu to fit your personal tastes and style. The Premium Plan also gives you unlimited dislike options, which can be a lifesaver if you are someone with a very particular palette.

All in all, the Fresh Diet is a great choice for someone who is looking to lose weight while still enjoying every meal. It may seem like an expensive dieting choice but chances are, if you compare the price of what you are eating daily it will not be that much more, if it is a higher amount at all. So if you are looking for some fresh insight into dieting, then you might want to give the Fresh Diet a try.


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