The Fastest Way to Lose Weight: fast weight loss tips and secrets

Exercising more is the fastest way to lose weight. I know you hate it but you have to do it if you want fast weight loss results. There is no other way to lose weight and keep it off after that.

Sure you could try starving yourself. You will lose weight. I have to admit that. But when you start eating normally again you will gain back all the weight lost plus some interest (a couple of pounds). A really bum deal if you ask me.

On the other hand, exercising increases your muscle mass. Your muscles consume more energy daily than fat does. So if you increase your muscle mass you will burn more calories daily just by sitting around. What a sweet deal. This way you won’t gain all the weight lost. All those extra muscles will help you burn the extra calories from the food you eat.

Working out is also great because it helps you burn the fat. There is nothing like a good workout to help you lose weight. The test of an efficient workout is the sweat test. If you don’t break a sweat you haven’t exercised at all. You have to sweat and drink water while exercising. Now you don’t have to push your body to the limit. But you must feel you are doing some sort of effort while exercising.


Each workout helps you increase your metabolic rate. Your metabolism is formed by all the physical and chemical processes from your body that use up energy like the digestion of food, breathing, the flowing of the blood, maintaining a constant temperature, the functioning of the brain and nerves, muscles contractions… Every action that your body does and consumes energy is linked to your metabolism. The higher your metabolic rate the faster you will lose weight.

The speed with which your body burns calories is unique. Everybody has a different metabolism but the differences are minimal. Only people who have hormonal imbalances have truly unique metabolisms. The good news is that your metabolic rate isn’t set in stone. You can take action and increase your metabolic rate which in turn will help you lose weight. This is one of the healthiest and fastest way to lose weight.

The more you are a couch potato and eat unhealthy foods the lower your metabolic rate will be. This translates in all the fat you see on you plus a lot more if you don’t do something fast. By doing some simple lifestyle changes you can put your metabolism to work, making it burn all that excess fat. The best way to increase your metabolism rate is to exercise more.

A recent study showed that your metabolic rate increases by 25% and stays that way for up to 15 hours after you exercise. The study was run by doctor Michele S. Olson form the Auburn University USA. Strength training seems to be the best form of exercising you can do. Getting a gym membership is highly recommended.


I know that aerobic exercises are great for tapping into the fat and burning it but it seems that anaerobic exercises help you increase your metabolic rate the most. While you do any form of aerobic exercises you will burn lots of fat. When you do anaerobic exercises you won’t burn that much fat but your metabolic rate gets increased and you burn lots of fat after the anaerobic exercises are over. All those muscles that got used in the anaerobic exercise have to repair themselves and the process consumes lots of energy.

After an anaerobic exercise your muscles don’t just get repaired. During the repair process your muscle mass increases. You gain more muscles. More muscles need more energy which in turn increases your overall metabolic rate.

Anaerobic exercises on the other hand don’t increase your metabolic rate that much. But you sure burn lots of fat while you do them. The downside of anaerobic exercises is that while your body burns fat it also burns some muscle fibers to get a quick energy boost. You can actually lose muscle mass. That is why you will never see a buffed up runner.

I suggest you combine the two forms of exercising for super fast weight loss. The order in which you do the exercises is very important too. Start with some light stretching to warm up your body. Then do anaerobic exercises. All those strength exercises will burn all the carbs form your body. Then when you do the aerobic exercises, like jogging, your body won’t have any carbs to burn. It will be forced to tap into the fat reserves and burn them. When your workout is done you have an increased metabolic rate due to the strength exercises. For 15 hours your body will be a fat burning furnace. Wicked cool.


By working out as I described above you will lose weight as fast as possible. To increase your weight loss all you have to do is start a healthy diet. You should avoid starving your body at all costs. Your body needs all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins to repair itself. Make sure you give your body lots of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks your body uses to repair your muscles. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and nuts. Also eat low fat meat like chicken breast because it contains lots of proteins besides all the other essential nutrients found in meat. I believe this is the fastest way to lose weight: exercising a lot and keeping a healthy diet.

It’s not really a diet. It’s more of making the right choices when to comes to food. Avoid eating fast food or any other form of junk food.

Drastic diets have a really bad effect on your metabolism, making it much slower. Your goal should be to increase your metabolic rate so stay away from quick weight loss close to starvation diets. When you starve your body it gets programmed to hold on to all the fats it has and pack even more fats as soon as possible. All the unnecessary physiological processes are reduced to a minimal which in turn lowers your metabolic rate. It’s like a recession. The less you eat the less energy you will use, especially if you don’t give your body all the carbs it needs. Carbs are the primary source of energy of your body. A low metabolic rate is a sure way to a fat filled waistline.

As I said before moderate and frequent workouts are the key to stimulating your metabolism and putting it into a fat burning high gear. But working out too frequently very intensely can have the opposite effect. This is why former athletes become fat when they stop exercising. If you exercise for hours frequently your body will go in a energy conservation mode and will do everything in it’s power to burn as few calories as it can.

Moderation is always healthy. Eat healthy meals but don’t starve of stuff yourself. Workout frequently but never push your body to its limits. After a good workout you should feel a little tired but you should also feel that you could keep on going for another 30 minutes of moderate physical activity.


One of the most frequent mistakes most people do is that of eating big meals sparsely. If you eat just 1 or 2 huge meals every day your body will panic and prepare itself for famine. Every bite you take will be transformed into fat. You should eat smaller meals frequently. 3 meals a day with 2-3 healthy snacks between them will keep hunger away and your metabolic rate high.

Another fast weight loss tip is to eat more food in the morning and less at night. Your metabolism isn’t the same all day long. Usually your metabolic rate is higher in the morning and it gets lower towards the end of the day.

It seems that the old fashioned way of losing weight is after all the fastest way to lose weight. I came to realize this after searching for all kind of quick fixes for my weight problem. When I finally succeeded to lose weight and keep it of forever was when I decided to get a healthy diet and exercise more. You should try it too! It works fantastically and you will save a lot of time running around after the latest weight loss fad.

Are you truly committed to losing weight fast? Start exercising and get healthier eating habits starting today.

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