Busy? Split Your Workout Throughout The Day To Lose Weight

May 5, 2011

Exercise & Fitness

Are you too busy to exercise? Don’t fret. If you have a couple of minutes from time to time, you have enough time to exercise. You don’t need one full hour to exercise. A couple of minutes is enough – studies show.

A little exercise from time to time, has the same health benefits as a hour long workout. Mind you I said the same benefits. This doesn’t mean that the benefits are as strong and beneficial as the long term workout.

split-your-workout.jpegBut if you don’t have enough time, any form of exercise is better than no exercise. Your body still benefits from it – maybe not as much, but hey a little is better than nothing.

By exercising each time you have some free time you will lose weight and build your endurance. For example if you just have 1 minute, maybe you can do some squats, or some pushups. This kind of exercises work out lots of muscles in your body fast. And that should be the goal of the exercises you choose to do. Make sure you work out as many muscles as possible.

Also don’t ignore walking. More walking is a great way to exercise.

The idea is to do something. Any kind of exercising is better than not exercising. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to dedicate 1 full hour for exercising, split your workout throughout the day. If you need to use some home exercise equipment do those exercises while you are working around home. Or maybe use the fitness gym from work (if you have one).

If you pass a gym on your way home maybe you can stop for 15 minutes and pump some iron. Fast and sweet. I am sure the gym owner won’t mind, especially if you pay for the time you use.

Use your imagination and you will spot opportunities to exercise throughout the day. Thrust me.

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