Suzanne Somers Diet

The Suzanne Somers diet is offered by long time health and fitness guru Suzanne Somers. The program aims to help those over forty to work away the pounds through diet and exercise while making sure their bodies receive what they need to stay healthy. The program includes supplements, foods and exercise plans.

Aimed at women over the age of forty, the Suzanne Somers diet has a goal of making sure women are healthy and beautiful no matter their age. The program works across several fronts. There is a diet and exercise plan, as well as weight loss supplements for the participant. The diet offers a collection of foods made especially for the program, referred to as Somersweet, which is a line of diet prepared candies, dips and sauces for dieters.

How it works

The program works by focusing on what is needed by the dieter over the age of forty. The main focus of the program is to detoxify the body and regain metabolism to lose weight. Through tracking of calories as well as special diet specific sauces and sweets, the Suzanne Somers diet works by controlling just what it put into the body, as well as tracking food and exercise.

Program costs

Membership into the Sexy Forever program which is a subset of the Suzanne Somers diet is $4 a week. This allows for the participant to have access to meal planning, food tracking and recipes. There are dips, sauces and candies available as well. Prices on the food items ranges from $7.99 to $14.99 for some of the hot fudge topping sauces. Supplements in the plan can run upwards of $99.98 for a three pack starter kit of the recommended vitamin and mineral supplements.


For women in their forties and beyond who want to look to someone knowledgeable about the aging process they are going through, the Suzanne Somers diet might be a great fit. With a tailored diet plan and the option to buy food items to supplement their own groceries, the diet helps to control the intake of food and lead the participant to make more healthy choices.


For those who are looking for a low cost and controlled diet, this may not be the best choice. While the plan offers some food options like mixes to make dips and dressing, most of the food stuffs are provided by the participant. Some dieters may not wish to take supplements along with their food choices, and some may just not wish to pay the somewhat high up front cost of starting the supplement plan alongside the diet. The Suzanne Somers diet also offers no support system, as there are no meetings or online forums for dieters to meet up and connect with one another.

For those looking for a diet tailored to their stage in life, with a focus on being fit and sexy no matter their age, the Suzanne Somers diet may be a good fit for them. Signing up for the program is easy, as all the dieter needs to do is go to the website ( and take a short body type quiz and fill out basic information about their weight loss goals to begin. From there, participants can choose to order foods or supplements to further their diet.

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