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December 15, 2012

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The Rodale Diet is a diet plan that focuses on offering you the same level of one on one attention afforded to customers of a personal trainer, but at a much lower cost. The diet and exercise programs are fully customizable, making sure that each and every piece of your diet plan is made especially for you.


The Rodale Diet plan is focused on making sure you as an individual meet your weight loss goals. Every step of the process is fully customized to meet your specific weight loss and nutrition needs. Everything is taken into account when building your program, from health concerns like diabetes to things like gender and the body type you wish to achieve with your weight loss goals.

How it works

Fitness is the name of the game when it comes to the Rodale Diet plan. This plan focuses heavily on work outs and the calorie deficits that a good work out can build. By matching a nutrition plan specific to your needs with the type of exercise that is right for your fitness level and body type, weight loss is very likely. The Rodale Diet plan works by making sure that you are not following the same cookie cutter directions as others who are seeking the diet plan. By making the plan unique to you, it raises your odds of success.

Program costs

The only costs incurred with the Rodale Diet are those from signing up for the companion magazines and fitness programs offered by the Rodale Diet. These subscriptions can range from $1.99 per issue for digital subscriptions that can be read on smart phones and tables to $7.99 per issue for physical paper magazines that are shipped straight to your front door. The Rodale Diet offers most of the information on its website free of charge.


For someone looking to build the perfect wellness plan just for them, the Rodale Diet may be a good choice. The program is all about making things work for you. It is also a great fit for anyone trying to get a better understanding of their body, and what they need to meet their health and fitness goals.


If you are the type who needs a support system, either online or off line, the Rodale Diet may not be the best choice for you. While the program is fully customizable, it does not offer any sort of online forum or support group for dieters to get together. This can make it a poor fit for someone who diets more effectively when they have a group to keep themselves accountable. This is also not a good fit for anyone who is short on time, as the program calls for regular trips to the gym as well as a large amount of home cooked and healthy meals. For someone who is always on the go, the Rodale Diet may not be the best fit.

If you are looking for the type of diet and exercise program that you would likely get from a personal trainer, then the Rodale Diet may be a good choice for you. The information is mostly free of charge and readily available on the official website of the Rodale Diet ( The sign up process for the various magazines offered by the Rodale Diet are also available directly from the company’s website.

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