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February 8, 2013

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Diet Wreckers: Breakfast Muffins

The Best Breakfast Muffin

Breakfast muffins are a popular choice among dieters who wish to start their day with a healthy and tasty treat. Although it is true that breakfast muffins have certain health benefits, people may be surprised to learn that these edibles also contain hidden calories. These hidden calories can quickly put a kink into any weight loss plan.

Deceptive Sizes
Many people assume that eating smaller muffins will equate to consuming fewer calories. Although this is often true, even the smallest of muffins can still contain more calories than desirable. Some of the mini muffins on the market get nearly half of their calories from unhealthy fat sources. These fat calories, which are also known as “empty calories,” have no real nutritional value and only contribute to unhealthy weight gain.

Sugar and Carbs
Most breakfast muffins also contain high levels of sugar and other types of carbohydrates. Sugar generally turns into fat once it enters a person’s system and can also cause other health problems. Other types of carbohydrates will turn into fat if they are not efficiently being used to provide energy during physical activities.

Healthier Alternatives
Instead of eating traditional breakfast muffins found on the market, many people have discovered healthier versions of these edibles with reduced fat and sugar levels along with fewer calories. Since a lot of breakfast muffins contain fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and bananas, it may be wise to just eat these types of fruit instead of having breakfast muffins.

Serious dieters should be aware of the diet dangers that breakfast muffins may impose. As delicious as these treats may be, consuming them on a regular basis can deter from weight loss success.

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