Top 5 Weight Loss Phone Apps

For those who are dieting, and want to use your smart phone to help you reach your desired weight, there are various options and apps you can download in order to help you reach those goals. So, whether you are on a program plan or not, these are some to try out for your personal use.

Top 5 weight loss phone apps –
One to try out is the Weight Watchers mobile app. Here you can keep track of what you eat, when you eat it, what foods you snack on, or if you are on the go and need to check the point value for something, you can easily do so. You are also able to get support if you are going out for a last minute dinner, and do not know what to order, or if you need some assistance in helping you stay away from something you are craving, the app can give you a healthier alternate option. From tracking to support, it is the perfect app to have on the go.

A second app to try out is called Lose It. You will simply enter your current weight, desired weight, height, ager, and gender, and you will get quick tips from the app. From how to lose the amount you want to lose each week, what to change in your diet, how to alter a workout to get more out of it, or any other tip of improvement you can make will be offered by this app. Although it is simplistic, it does take gender and age in to account, making it somewhat more personable to dieters than other options.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret is another app to try out. You can use your smart phone to scan barcodes of foods which will allow you to keep track of what you are eating. Whether it is a QR code or traditional code, or if it is on a website, you can scan, track, and keep note of what and how much you are eating each day. The mass nutritional database this app features makes it better than other apps out there, and the fact that it can track any food, most popular brand names, restaurants, and more, makes it a top choice.

Restaurant Nutrition is a fourth app to try out. Even if you have to make a wrong choice from time to time, and if you find yourself at McDonalds, the app will give you healthier alternates to go with. With over 115 restaurants you are bound to find something, and find a meal option which is healthier than the burger and fries you were going to order.

A final app to try out is Thin-cam. Use of the app lets you snap photos before your meal, to see the plate size. You will build a photo journal (similar to tracking by writing), in order to keep track of what you are consuming. By seeing what you are consuming, your mind works in a different manner than by simply reading the words.

Any, or all of these apps are a great option to try out for dieters. So, when you need motivation, or just need some guidance, these are some of the top options to try out for your weight loss success.

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