Is it Time to Purge Your Pantry?

January 22, 2013

Diet Foods, Weight Loss Tips

We all have those snack and junk food vices that are hard to give up, even when you are working hard to change your eating habits. But a true hallmark of changing your life and losing weight is by getting rid of all the highly processed, sugary and fatty items that you used to eat.
There are even some sneaky items that you may not have thought of when it comes to being an unhealthy choice. Take condensed soups for example. Certain brands have been known to be high in sodium, which can wreck your daily intake in a single bowl. Those famous little sandwich cookies that are so hard to put down? A serving size is two cookies and is well over 200 calories. If you can’t stick with the correct portion size then these cookies need to go.

But you don’t have to worry. With most of those junk foods you love, there have been enterprising people in the health food field who can help you to find a much healthier alternative that is still enjoyable. So do not mourn the loss of the less than healthy foods you are cutting out of your diet and purging from your pantry. Instead, welcome in these new foods and new culinary adventures as ways to keep yourself both healthy and happy all at once.

Toss the chips.  If you are a potato chip junkie, it can be hard to let go of that last bag and move on. Potato chips are greasy, fatty and offer next to no nutritional value. If you can’t give up the crunch, then you can try items like popcorn and rice cakes to give you the same satisfaction with a fraction of the calories.

Ditch the ice cream.  Regular ice cream is loaded with fat and sugar, and is definitely something that should be phased out of your freezer. But if you need your frosty frozen treat, you can make the change over to frozen yogurt. Frozen Greek yogurt offers the same sweetness and taste of regular ice cream, in a lot of familiar flavors with much more nutritional value.


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