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November 6, 2012

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Created by fitness guru and health magnate Denise Austin, the Denise Austin diet focuses on making a total body transformation. In the Denise Austin diet, it is believed that there is just as much change to be made inside as outside. Meal plans, exercise routines and support from other dieters is offered along with a fresh outlook on life and how positive thinking can impact you each and every day.

The Denise Austin diet is a fully online diet plan offered to dieters all over the world. The plan believes that dieting affects more than just weight. That by making smart and healthy choices the participants can be more confident, joyful and appreciative of their lives. Participants will take a survey to set up an online list of their goals and achievements. By connecting with others learning to embrace these positive changes, weight loss can be achieved without the use of supplements.

How it works
Dieters will sign up for a free account, as membership does not cost anything. From there, they have access to online tools like a food journal and fitness calculators. Through a series of survey questions, a specific diet and exercise routine will be chosen for the participant to help them along their way. Forums and support are included in the free membership, as well as recipes and daily affirmation emails from Denise Austin.

Program costs
The Denise Austin diet has no actual sign up costs or fees. Membership to the website is free, which includes food and exercise tracking. Along with these options, participants receive daily emails and affirmations and access to other dieters in the program. Though it is not required, the Denise Austin diet recommends that a participant purchases DVDs through the online store. Prices for the DVDs range from $7.99 to $19.99. The website also offers work out apparel and books for purchase. These can range from $7.99 to $24.99.

The Denise Austin diet is an affordable solution for a dieter look for a plan that does more than just encourage weight loss. For those who feel like they could benefit from a little positivity, the Denise Austin diet is a good fit. With no sign up costs, the diet is cheap and easy, with most costs coming from purchasing food to follow the nutrition plans made available for free.

For those who need a program that helps control food intake, this may not be the best diet. Support is offered via the online forums and nutrition tracking, but there is no real system of accountability with the diet. It also may not be the best fit for those looking to do more than just lose weight and want to add definition and muscle. Some men may also find themselves uncomfortable with a heavily female based diet group.

The Denise Austin diet is a great fit for anyone who is looking to completely overhaul themselves and their lives. With positive thinking, the plan helps participants to regain confidence in themselves and their bodies, as well as their ability to make intelligent and healthy choices. To sign up, dieters need only to visit the website ( and take a short quiz that asks for information like height and weight, to sign up. From there, a tailored nutrition and exercise plan will be made.

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