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November 2, 2012

Diet Plans

The BeachBody diet is known for its connection to the P90x and Insanity work out programs. The company was created in 1998 by co-founders and friends Carl Daikeler and Jonathan Congdon. The two decided that they wanted to offer a more challenging home work out as well as simple to follow diet plans and readily available supplements.

The BeachBody diet is one that focuses heavily on exercise. With their wide array of challenging workout DVDs, the BeachBody diet aims more to help those who are already in shape to push it to the next level, without having to take classes or go to the gym. Paired with a tailor made custom diet plan and supplement use, the BeachBody diet is made to take a participant’s health and fitness to the next level.

How it Works
The core of the BeachBody diet is the exercise routines. They offer the popular P90x program as well as Insanity, and the newly popular Yoga Booty Ballet. These intense exercise routines are not meant for those who are new to fitness. The program also offers a specifically made meal plan to follow, and advocates the use of supplements for weight loss, muscle gain and energy boosting. These things are given in conjunction with the support system of an online group and forum, as well as access to your own personal online trainer.

Program Cost
The BeachBody diet offers a free limited membership to their website ( for anyone looking to kick-start their health and fitness. The more complete website experience that is recommended for those on the BeachBody diet is $2.99 a week, the price of which is removed quarterly in advance at a rate of $38.87. The DVD work out sets range anywhere from %59.99 to $99.99 for the full set. Supplements range from $9.99 for a fasting shake to $59.99 for their different protein supplements and muscle gaining powders.

Pros of the BeachBody Diet
For someone who has already lost the weight and is looking to add definition or muscle, the BeachBody diet can be a great fit. The program pushes those who are able to stay motivated to do more and work harder, showing results in as little as ninety days. This program is a good choice for anyone who is familiar with diet and exercise and able to stick with it, but finds they don’t enjoying going to the gym or exercise classes.

Cons of the BeachBody Diet
This program is definitely not for beginners. Aside from the supplements, there is very little direction given. The BeachBody diet assumes that the participant is already in healthy shape and does not need to work up to that level of fitness and endurance. The program also trusts in the fact that the dieter can stick with a very specific meal plan, which may not be easy for those who are new to dieting and can have issues with having junk food relapses.

For the hard workers and the home based fitness gurus out there, the BeachBody diet is a home run. The website also allows for easy tracking of nutrition and work out information. While not for the easily subdued or faint of heart, the BeachBody diet is one of the few on the market that is made especially for people looking to take their health and fitness levels to the next step.


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