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November 4, 2012

Diet Plans is a website that prides itself on helping people achieve the body of their dreams. With the focus on furthering your health through strict diet and exercise, the site offers different trainers, techniques and diet plans depending on varying factors such as the participant’s age, gender and what type of body they want to achieve. Created in 1999 in Boise, Idaho the website was made to be the largest collection of body building information available, with the largest online supplement store included.

Overview offers video training sessions to participants. The users sign up for an account to track nutrition and work out, to follow meal plans and to access forums and speak with other members. The site also offers a large selection of supplements that can be bought directly from the website. They also offer a selection of hand-picked sweeteners, condiments, snacks and jerky for dieters to help control and maintain their nutrition.

How it works
The diet focuses on using protein shakes and other supplements to help kick the body into gear. Paired with a specially tailored work out program and nutrition tips and tricks, the website offers the full array of what’s needed to lose weight and gain definition. The website also offers a forum for users to interact with one another and gain support. Through the website, participants are matched up with a video trainer that works to help them achieve their desired body type.

Program costs
Membership to the website is free. Through this free membership, participants are able to access the forums and the video work outs provided by the online trainers. The exercise database is also free to use with a membership. The supplements range from $14.99 to $79.99 for different sizes of whey protein, shake mixes and fat burning supplements. Prices for food stuffs range from $1.98 for a single brownie bar to $24.99 for a month’s supply worth of high protein cookies.

For those looking to do more than just lose weight, is a great choice. The site is made for those who have motivation and drive to complete their goals and make more of themselves. The diet is also a good choice for those looking to lose weight on a budget. Most of the program is completely free of charge. Once signed up for a free membership, participants have access to recipes and work outs, and even forums to speak with other dieters.

For someone who may need a bit more direction and guidance, the diet may not be right for them. The plan relies on the participant being able to work out consistently and make smart food choices without having much interaction from the other side. While there are nutrition and work out plans available, it is up to the dieter themselves to make sure to stick with it.

A very affordable work out option for those with the motivation to change their lives for the better, the diet can change lives and do more than help dieters lose weight. It can also help them to gain muscle effectively and gain definition. For those interested in joining their free membership program, they need only visit the website ( and go through the sign up process.


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