Cellulite Removal Tips: How to get rid of cellulite fast at home

There are all kind of cellulite treatments out there. But not all are accessible to everyone. This doesn’t mean that you cannot get rid of cellulite. Even if you are tight on money at the moment you can still do something to get rid of cellulite.

You can give yourself massages, do some anti-cellulite exercises and even some homemade spa treatments. Cellulite removal will seem so easy by the time you reach the end of this article. All you have to do then is just do the work to get rid of cellulite. First let’s find out what are the causes of cellulite.


The causes of cellulite

Because cellulite is very common in women and very rarely men suffer from it, many scientists have concluded that cellulite is related to a hormonal problem. Estrogen, the feminine hormone, is responsible for the apparition and advancement of cellulite it seems.

Besides the hormonal factor another important factor to consider is your lifestyle. Eating lots of fast food and highly processed foods which contain lots of food additives leads to the appearance of cellulite. Foods additives are very toxic for the human body and usually the foods that contain them are very fatty. All those excess calories cannot be burned by an already weakened metabolism (food additives pollute your body and slow down your metabolism) and you get fat.


Because the walls of the fatty cells are very flexible, the fatty cells extend themselves more than usual, making your skin look uneven. It makes your skin look like the peal of an orange. That is cellulite.

The lack of physical activity is another factor to consider. The lack of exercising helps you gain weight, especially fat deposits, and also slows down the elimination of the toxins form your body.

Genetics plays a role too. It usually influences where the cellulite will appear. Look to your closest relatives and see where they have cellulite. Those are the zones where you will get cellulite (or you already have it). You should give extra attention to those areas of your body and pamper them more.

It is false the belief that cellulite only plagues overweight people. It is true that overweight people have a higher chance of getting cellulite but skinny people can have cellulite too. Just look at the stars. It seems that a body full of toxins and the genetics are the key factors that determine the appearance of cellulite.

How to get rid of cellulite fast at home

The basic tools in the fight against cellulite are:

Cellulite usually appears during the years of your life when you have an unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately you cannot wave a magic wand and undo something that took years to create. You should arm yourself with lots of patience and determination to get rid of cellulite. You got cellulite because of your lack or exercising and bad eating habits. The first thing you should do to get rid of cellulite should be starting to exercise and getting a healthy diet. A good healthy diet is one based on fruits, vegetables, low fat meat and whole grain cereals. Avoid eating highly processed food, fried foods, sweets and soft drinks. Drink more water. This lifestyle shift will help you get rid of cellulite faster because it will help you detox your body.

Massage the areas affected by cellulite

Besides exercising more and getting healthy eating habits you can massage the areas affected by cellulite to reduce it. You don’t need to go to a spa and spend hundreds of dollars to get an anti-cellulite massage. The lymphatic system is the one responsible with the elimination of toxins form your body. By applying pressure on the muscles, the massage stimulates the blood and lymph flow helping your body get rid of its stored toxins. You should make sure you massage the areas of your body which you cannot work out while exercising. Like the lower part of your knees and calves.


Massage gently the areas with cellulite using circular motions. Pinch the skin between your fingers. If you apply too much pressure you can get some pretty ugly bruises. If you apply more pressure doesn’t mean you will eliminate the toxins form your body faster or better.

Use a cellulite lotion when you massage yourself. Even if in their commercials they say that these lotions remove cellulite all they do actually is help speed up the toxins elimination process. They stimulate the flow of blood and lymph. That is why you should use cellulite lotions when you massage yourself.

Some areas of your body, like your ass, can prove quite tricky to massage. Thank God there are all sorts of devices to give us a helping hand. You can even ask your friends, boyfriend or husband to give you a massage. You will be able to relax and get pampered while getting rid of cellulite.

Give yourself a spa homemade treatment.

You can blow away a lot of money on different spa treatments and wraps. They use all kind of ingredients in their treatments but this doesn’t mean you cannot make them at home.

All the substances used in spa treatments have some common characteristics: they all stimulate the flow of blood and lymph in your body, helping you eliminate all the toxins from it.

Here are some ingredients you can use for your homemade spa treatments:

Seaweeds are widely used in the fight against cellulite. Seaweed increases your cellular metabolism, which will help you detox your body faster. It also helps you eliminate the water retained by your body cells which makes you look and feel bloated.

Caffeine is famous for its anti-cellulite powers. Unfortunately drinking it doesn’t benefit you in the fight against cellulite. You have to use it externally on the spots affected by cellulite. If you drink coffee and drinks containing caffeine you will get exactly the opposite effect. Caffeine just as the seaweeds increases the blood flow from the area where it is applied.

Green tea extract is great for detoxing. It contains lots of antioxidants which is the reason for which it is widely used in the fight against cellulite.


How to prepare yourself an anti cellulite spa treatment in your home

If you want the active substances to work wonders you must apply heat on the spots where you use them. You can mix the active substance with an anti cellulite oil or cream and apply them on your skin. Then cover the area with cellophane. Over the cellophane you put some warm towels. Keep the towels on until they lose their heat. Make sure the towels aren’t too hot.

Hot and cold showers help you remove cellulite too

By alternating between hot water and cold water while taking a shower you amplify the flow of blood in your whole body. Make sure you spray wit cold and hot water the zones affected by cellulite. Use a water as cold as you can stand and then switch to hot water.

Cardio exercises are the sworn enemies of cellulite

Any physical exercise is good if you want to stay fit, get fit and be healthy. But to reduce the fat deposits found just under the skin, that nasty cellulite, you need to do a certain type of exercises, cardio exercises.

Exercises that target cellulite are 10 times better than any other exercises if you want to get rid of cellulite. They help you tone your body and eliminate the fats form your body, improving your blood flow at the same time.

For maximum results the specialists recommend cardio exercises as the best anti cellulite exercises you can do. If you combine a cardio workout with a workout designed to increase your muscle mass, cellulite won’t stand a chance. I know it can be quite hard to commit and go through a workout schedule but the results are worth the effort.

Cellulite removal is all about burning those extra fat deposits that make your skin look so unpleasant. The cardio exercises are fabulous at burning those fats in a record time. Jogging is a great and also cheap cardio exercise. I recommend you start jogging as soon as possible if you want to get rid of cellulite.

If you have time to hit the gym you should do so. There are some exercise routines designed to turn fats into muscles. Any good personal trainer can create a workout routine for you, which will help you get rid of cellulite fast. The exercises you do should target the muscles underneath the cellulite areas of your body but not only. You want your whole body to look good so use this opportunity to make it so.

You should exercise a couple of time each week. I recommend you work out 3 times per week, with one day between the workouts so that your body can rest and repair itself.


How to keep cellulite off your body once it is off

Drink lots of water. Never let your body get dehydrated. If you drink lots of water your body will have an easier time eliminating all the toxins. This will make your skin look fabulous.

Get a good night sleep. If you are tired your body will suffer. Avoid overexertion and you will be more energetic.

Oxygenate your body by breathing in correctly. Avoid taking shallow breaths. Your body needs oxygen to burn the excess fats and calories.

If you have any digestive problems or if you are constipated you should resolve them. An inefficient digestive system favors the accumulation of toxins in your body.

Use anti-cellulite creams and lotions to get rid and prevent cellulite. Even if not all creams and lotions are efficient you should find one that works well for you. You can even consult a dermatologist who will recommend you a good anti cellulite lotion for you.

Get a massage form time to time. It will relax you and prevent or remove cellulite.

Don’t forget to exercise.

If you combine all of the above cellulite removal methods I guarantee you will get rid of cellulite. You just have to exercise, eat healthier food and take better care of your body. In no time you will be cellulite free and very healthy.

How do you fight against cellulite?

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