The Dangers of Any Quick Weight Loss Diet and How to avoid them

Many of us are on the search of the long lost curvy waistline. Even more kid themselves thinking that they will change their lifestyle and get healthy eating habits: no more fast food caloric bombs, lots of fruits and vegetables. What a great life that would be.

This is what usually happens: the first time you might use a healthy diet but when the results don’t show up as fast as you wished you start looking for a more quick weight loss diet. Usually in our fast paced modern life we seek the quick fix form the start. Unfortunately quick and easy isn’t always the best way to go. You can do some pretty serious damage if you go from quick weight loss diet to quick weight loss diet. And the really bad news is that you won’t lose weight either.


Starving yourself to lose weight quick is never the right solution. It is true that in 1-2 weeks you might lose lots of pounds. You might even get a curvy figure with killer legs. No one like those love handles, belly fat and fat deposits in the wrong places that make us look not that appetizing. Who wouldn’t like a hot steaming body that bags you to look at it.

What you should understand about your fat deposits is that they are the result of a totally healthy process gone wrong. The purpose of all that fat is to help you go past tough times of famine. Your body is doing you a favor. At least that is what it believes. All that excess fat is the result of hectic eating habits and super drastic weight loss diets.

There is no point to getting stressed by your excess fat. Create a good and healthy weight loss plan and get to work. Start chipping away at the fat and soon you will get the body you desire. I know it takes time but the results are long term. You will enjoy a stunning body for longer.

The desire to lose weight quickly is spurred by 2 major events: either you have to attend a super party or event (a wedding, graduation,…) or you have gained weight fast and you can’t get used to the new look. A person that has been on the forefront of the fight against fat for many years knows not to expect miraculous results form a quick weight loss diet.

Quick isn’t always efficient when it comes to weight loss

You get a really drastic weight loss diet, you immerse yourself in work and drink as much water as you can. If you can squeeze some exercising from time to time you feel even more proud of yourself. You eat almost nothing all day long. A drastic weight loss diet is perceived by your body as famine. You are starving your body, denying it all the nutrients it needs to function properly. It is very hard and grueling but the desire to lose weight is so great that it make the constant hunger bearable.

Usually with any drastic weight loss diet people fall into two situations. Some starve themselves fighting their desire to eat and craving each minute of the day. Pure ambition is what helps them lose weight quickly in a short period of time. Sometimes they lose quite a considerable amount of weight. One month later, after getting off the quick weight loss diet, they are stunned to see their scale pointing towards a new bigger number. They regain all the weight lost and pack some extra pounds as a bonus too. How is this possible?


Your body was deprived of all the essential nutrients it needs to function. The drastic weight loss dieting period was perceived by your body as famine. That is why when you started eating normally your body done all it could to gather as many resources as it could. Fat is its way of getting ready for further long periods of hunger.

Another frequent situation is when people starve themselves and almost don’t eat anything all day long. They have a set goal, a number of pounds they want to lose and are determined to achieve their goal. They even have set a date until when they will achieve their weight loss goal. Usually that date is very near, 1 week at most 2 weeks. When the weeks passes they get on the scale and see no results. They feel frustrated. All that effort and hunger endured was for nothing. What went wrong?

The human body functions after its own rules. Your body needs a certain number of minerals and vitamins daily. Most minerals and vitamins cannot be assimilated if you don’t have a balanced nutrition. Your body needs a certain amount of water and physical exercise. If you don’t set realistic weight loss goals you will always be disappointed. You will fail each and every time to lose weight. You have to allow you all the time your body needs to lose weight naturally in a healthy way.

Moderation is the key to success in any weight loss attempt

If you don’t have the willpower to stop snacking on all kind of junk food full of calories between the meals. If you can’t stop yourself from eating fatty food, especially fast food, don’t despair there is hope. You have to learn to eat smaller portions. You are probably overeating at each meal so you won’t starve your body. This way you will start to lose weight. Don’t expect quick and fabulous weight loss results but you will get results. You will not lose all the weight in 2 week but you will lose it.

If you really want to lose weight and change your appearance you need to arm yourself with lots of willpower and patience. You first have to change your eating habits and lifestyle if you want long term results that maintain themselves. Who wants to lose weight, look stunning for 1 week and them become even fatter? I sure as hell don’t. You have to start living a more healthy life, to lose weight without damaging your health. Changing your lifestyle is the only way to ensure you maintain your brand new hot body.

Start by keeping a healthy balanced diet, low in carbs and fats. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and foods rich in fibers. Start practicing a sport and drink lots of water (at least 8 cups of water per day). Eat smaller portions of food more frequently. In no time you will start reaping results, losing pounds and look much better. But don’t set goals that are too related to a timeframe. Allow yourself enough time to get the results you desire. Be realistic and you won’t get disappointed and frustrated on your weight loss journey. Use weight loss diets that you feel are good for your body and exercise more.


If you succeed to lose weight you are not off the hook yet. You have to increase your willpower and determination because your body will have the tendency to try to regain the pounds lost. That is why after finishing the weight loss diet you cannot go to your old eating habits. The fact that you were able to follow a weight loss diet and get the results you desired is an admirable thing. But you have to continue eating healthy food and avoiding eating fast food or fatty food as much as possible. Use this opportunity to change your lifestyle and become more healthy. You stand only to gain from such a beneficial change.

New eating habits based on moderation, eating smaller servings 5-6 times per day is the clever choice. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, dairies, low fat meat and healthy carbs. Drink at least 8 cups of water per day and exercise frequently (at least 3 times per week).


The power of the forbidden foods

Maybe the most important nugget of wisdom I can share with you from my own weight loss adventures is that you should never have forbidden foods. Forbidden foods hold a fabulous power over us. Anything that is forbidden is much more appealing. When I realized this my dieting became really easy and I can say I enjoyed pretty quick weight loss.

You shouldn’t have forbidden foods. You should have foods you choose not to eat. Not because you can’t but because you just don’t feel like it. To fortify this belief indulge your craving form time to time. You can go and eat half a menu at McDonalds if you feel like it. Remember moderation. If you know you can eat any food if you feel like it you will notice you will have fewer cravings. This little mind trick worked like a charm for me.

Chocolate, ice-cream, cake, cookies are all part of a healthy balanced diet, but they are a really small part. If you learn to find out what nutrients your body needs you will always make the right decision and eat healthy food.


Things to consider before starting a quick weight loss diet:

  • A big part of the fatty rolls you can see on your body are actually made out of water. After a quick weight loss diet you can lose them really fat because you dehydrate your body. When you stop dieting your body will retain the water once again and you will be where you started, maybe even more worst off.
  • Quick weight loss diets make you feel tired all the time and reduce your energy level. Your enthusiasm level will drop and you will be very irritable.
  • By going on a very drastic weight loss diet you deprive your body of all the essential nutrients it needs to function properly. You actually put your health at risk this way. Consider the medical bills which can be huge.
  • The level of sodium and potassium form your body will drop making you dizzy. You will also experience much more muscle cramps.
  • Drastic weight loss diets can help you achieve a sexy figure but they also can cause the appearance of stretch marks, dried skin and a bad looking skin and hair.
  • With the fat deposits you will also lose a good part of your muscle mass with the help of the drastic and quick weight loss diet. Muscles are the ones that make you look smoking hot and they also help you stay fit for longer. Muscles burn more calories than fat, much more.

I beg you that before going on any quick weight loss diet that you take into consideration all the above mentioned things. I believe that the best way to lose weight is to do it a little slower but much more healthier. In fact if you use a healthy weight loss diet and you also exercise you will lose weight faster that all the people that are running around for quick fixes. And the best part is that you will keep your sexy looking body for longer. You will enjoy life more I guarantee it from my own experience.

What is your experience with quick weight loss diets? What have you learned from them? I am very interested in your thoughts and opinions. Write them down in the comments below.

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