Foods That Ruin Your Diet: Stay Away From Them

April 19, 2011

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Even when it seems that you’re doing all you can to keep the weight off— regular aerobic exercise, core strength training sessions, eating more greens and cutting back on sweets– the pounds just keep piling up and sticking around. What could you possibly be doing wrong?

Check your pantry and take note of the following diet-ruiners. They parade around grocery shelves disguised as ‘healthy’ foods, but you should know better. They do nothing for your body-toning desires.

Ready-made sandwiches

They may be attractive to the eye, but really, what you’re paying for is the elaborate packaging. You’re better off making a healthy sandwich of your own. These microwave sandwiches contain a whole lot of salt, fat and unnecessary food additives. Not good.

Mixed spices

Mixed spices, like the ones easily brought at the supermarket like seasonings and marinades may seem like a good buy because they contain a lot of spices, but really, they’re not doing any good to your body. These mixed spices are loaded with sodium, which will cause you to bloat and be sluggish. 

Gourmet pre-cut frozen veggies

Just because they’re vegetables doesn’t mean they’re super healthy for you. These frozen meals have a lot of added preservatives that contain zero to little nutrients and vitamins. Instead, prepare your vegetables at home to safeguard your health and ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Powdered fruit juices

These powdered fruit juices and iced teas may be a big hit with children, and that makes them so popular with parents, but these so-called fruit juices are rip-offs! They are packed with high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings and other sugars which don’t help your diet at the very least.

Energy bars

Whether they say protein bars on the label doesn’t mean they’re good for you, these energy bars are calorie-laden, and are actually close to the calorie composition of candies and sweets. If you want to snack on something healthy, opt for a small packet of nuts instead. They fill you up, are less expensive, and do not hurt your quest for quick weight loss at all.


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