Pure Protein Bars Are a Great Protein Supplement

June 15, 2010

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If you are looking for a great protein supplement you need not look further than a protein bar. Protein bars are a great source of proteins, but are they really good for you. And if they are when should you eat a protein bar? Find out all the answers to your burning questions below.

The first myths I have to dispel about pure protein bars is the fact that they aren’t made entirely out of proteins. It is just impossible to manufacture a 100% protein bar. They are called pure protein bars because they contain lots of proteins compared to their size, and it is usually high quality proteins.

From a protein bar you can get between 10 to 30 grams of proteins, depending on which brand you choose. Also depending on the brand is, how many carbs and trans-fats certain protein bars contain. A good rule of thumb is to always read the label of any protein bar you intend to buy. Find out what you are about to put inside yourself. If there are too many hard to pronounce words on the label skip that protein bar. Also if it contains lots of fats or too many carbs try and find something more light.

Here is an ugly secret that nobody selling protein bars or powers wants to tell you. You can get all the proteins your body needs form a healthy balanced diet. In fact you can get more than your daily recommended serving of proteins. A whole lot more in fact. So why should you eat a protein bar?

Well sometimes it is a lot easier to eat a protein bar instead of making a chicken breast BBQ. That is the lazy mans answer, which I must admit I sometimes use. But there are better reasons also. For one if you are following an intense strength training and muscle building exercise routine you need lots of proteins to help rebuild your muscles. After each workout, a handy protein supplement you can easily fit in your gym bag is a protein bar.

Proteins bars can also be eaten instead of sweets and fatty pastries. They are usually a lot healthier and contain fewer calories than sweets do. You get to satisfy your sweet tooth and eat a healthy snack also.

This doesn’t mean you should abuse protein bars, and eat lots of them. A protein bar diet isn’t healthy at all. Your body doesn’t need only proteins to function properly. You need to give your body all the minerals, vitamins and even healthy carbs and fats to keep it in peak condition.

My advice to you is to first try and get all the proteins your body needs form healthy foods like soy, low fat meat, grains, fish and dairy products. Milk for example is a great source of proteins. If you still need more proteins or you just don’t have time to cook sometimes you can eat a pure protein bar. But usually they are recommended to professional athletes.

Have you ever eaten a pure protein bar? If you did or if you didn’t tell me why in the comments below.

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