The Master Cleanse Diet Interview with Peter Glickman

Peter Glickman is a world renown supporter of the Master Cleanse Diet and author of the Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days book. He has created the biggest online community dedicated to the Master Cleanse Diet, but what is truly amazing is his passion and belief in the health benefits of the Master Cleanse Diet. Just pres play and listen to the interview to find out amazing bits of information about detoxing your body using the Master Cleanse Diet:

While you listen to the interview Go and Check Out Peter’s Book and other cleansing materials on how to best detox your body.

Just by listening to the interview you will find out:

-what exactly is the Master Cleanse diet. There is a lot of controversy on the web about whether it is a detox diet, a weight loss diet or both. Who better to shed some light on the problem and tell you the truth and only the truth if not Peter, the modern guru of the Master Cleanse Diet;

-the main health benefits of the Master Cleanse Diet. You will be shocked and excited when you will find out exactly how the Master Cleanse Diet works to improve your health and general wellbeing;

-who shouldn’t use the Master Cleanse Diet. Generally the Master Cleanse Diet is recommended to everybody without taking in consideration certain specific situations. If you don’t find yourself in one of the special situations you can start using the Master Cleanse Diet once you finish listening to the interview;

-during the interview Peter shares some amazing tips on how to get ready for the Master Cleanse Diet, and what are the main hurdles you have to pass to benefit from the Master Cleansing. The truth is, if you only use the Master Cleanse Diet for only 2-3 days you don’t get any benefits from it. In fact you could even say it backfires, preventing you from getting the results you truly want and making it harder to achieve them later. This was a shocking revelation for me and I am sure it will be for you too.;

Once the interview is over you will know the truth about the Master Cleanse Diet, how it can benefit you and how is it best done. For more information you should go the Peter’s website The Raw Food Site. I highly recommend you join the forum to get all your questions answered.

If you want more structure and an easy read, then go pick up a copy of Peter’s book Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days. I know I will.

One more thing. I was able to talk Peter into making a very special offer to you. He created a monster Master Cleanse and Detox Package at a rock bottom price (his passion compels him to lose money). That’s just the kind of guy Peter is. He wants to help you cleanse your body better than you do your dishes. That’s why he is making available to you his Master Cleanse Info Picks (a package worth at least $100 regardless how you look at it). But today you can swoop it for only $37. This is truly a brain dead bargain. Click Here to Check the Master Cleanse and Detox Package Out.

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