Protein and Weight Loss: protect your body with proteins

February 15, 2010

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Avoid weight-loss diets that are fashionable and that will probably help you lose a few pounds for a short period of time. You can find them all over the place and most of them contain few proteins.

It has been proven that if the daily menu does not contain at least 3.5 oz of proteins, you will lose fat and muscle. But your body will not allow a decrease in muscle mass, it must be strong. After you lose weight and start to eat normal, the body will try to rebuild muscle.

Thus, you will gain weight once more. Protein and weight loss are linked together, and you have to learn how to use proteins to lose weight and keep it off.

Protein food sources:

But where do you find the benefic proteins that help you lose weight and keep your body beautiful?
1. We can find impressive amounts in meat: veal, poor cow, chicken, goat, elk, rabbits and field, skimmed lamb, fish, crustaceans and mollusks and cheese;
2. In smaller amounts in eggs, in yogurt and milk (2% fat). Rice and bread also contain proteins, but as we know, do not consumed in excess;
3. Vegetables are not rich in proteins, but they must not be neglected (spinach, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, tomatoes). Easter is coming, as you already know, eat them with caution.

For more protein food sources check out the best protien foods.

Health benefits of proteins

Besides helping us lose weight they help us stay healthy at the same time, proteins have other health benefits also:
1. They prevent bloating. People who eat more sugar and relatively few proteins tend to retain water, those who have a balanced diet rarely complain of this problem;
2. They allow your body to withstand a weight-loss regime;
3. They have the advantage of not turning into sugar;
4. They accelerate wound healing because, as mentioned, have the power to restore;
5. They produce the antibodies that help us fight infections.

So to lose weight without any adverse effects, do not neglect getting enough proteins!

If you want to find out more about protiens read What are protiens?

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