The Microwave Oven Health Risks

February 15, 2010

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More and more people are using the microwave as a convenient means of cooking, heating or defrosting food. But there are people who ask themselves what are the consequences and effects these furnaces have on food safety and even on their health.

It is known that microwaves are forms of electromagnetic energy, generated electronically. When these waves penetrate the food, they produce an internal rotation of water molecules inside the processed food. This rotation leads to friction between the molecules and the result is a rapid growth in temperature (which is why food heats up faster in the microwave than in other energy sources).

Therefore, a microwave is both convenient and fast, but what impact does it have on the nutritional value of foods (especially vegetables)? What happens to vitamins and minerals when foods are processed with this kind of heat?

If we ask the producers, the answer can be easily predicted: the food does not lose its nutritional value. There are some clinical studies, not to many, which are related to the quality of food after it is processed with microwaves. And all these studies agreed on the harmfulness of heating food in a microwave oven.


One study explains the mechanism of decomposition and degradation of vitamins B12, C and E in foods heated in this oven. Research carried out by Russian specialists highlight the neurological affects the foods altered by magnetic radiation (microwave) have.

Another study shows that, by heating breast milk in a microwave oven, the antibodies and the enzymes are destroyed. A comparative study in a clinic in Switzerland analyzed the blood of patients that regularly consumed foods processed in a microwave, and the blood of people who used conventional heating food.

This study in microwave oven health risks showed that:
1. The level of hemoglobin (red blood cells) fell significantly after the ingestion of food heated in a microwave.
2. Leukocytes (white blood cells) increased the number after the ingestion of food processed by a microwave oven.
3. Microwaves affect the structure of serum proteins.
4. The fraction of cholesterol LDL (bad cholesterol) increased compared to the HDL fraction.

Other studies have shown a high statistic incidence in stomach and colon cancers and in addition, a general degeneration of cellular components, because altering chemicals in processed food heated in the microwave.

And surely, with the provision of these findings, we are asked to choose, basically, between nature and convenience…

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