What You Need to Know about Obesity

Obesity can be a very deadly disorder which claims millions of lives all over the world. Yes, you heard that right – millions! It might seem like a very innocent disorder and sufferers from obesity might be lax in taking efforts to reduce obesity and build a healthy body; however this seemingly innocuous disorder may suddenly strike a deadly blow to your health, leaving you at the mercy of gods and leaving your family in shambles. Here are the diseases that are caused due to obesity and which have been the most commonly observed obesity related diseases, especially in men.


Prostrate cancer is a growing threat among men, with a rate of occurrence higher than that of breast cancer among women. The only way to survive it is to detect it early. Lung and colorectal cancer are also the most occurring instances of cancer among men. They can occur due to the unhealthy lifestyle dealt by today’s average man. Obesity, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, all such habits are just laying a red carpet for the cloaked guy portrayed as death. It is very important that if you are suffering from obesity, you should get regular checkups and also have healthy eating habits.


Though women are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, it is the men who are more likely to be overweight, regular smokers and drinkers. Cardiac arrests are one of the most unfortunate ways in which people die every year, simply because they could have avoided it just by giving up smoking and drinking and following a healthy lifestyle. To reduce the risks of heart diseases, individuals will have to get rid of their obesity as soon as possible and indulge in healthy eating and living.


This disease, though not usually fatal , takes all the life out of your life. It is on the rise due to the same old factors – obesity, unhealthy eating habits, no physical exertion. Diabetes can lead to cancer or other chronic illnesses. They can also be a cause for complications resulting in blindness, loss of sensation, or kidney diseases.

There are thousands of other illnesses and complications that can be the result of obesity and there is only one way to stop obesity in its tracks and force it to retreat – controlled eating habits and regular exercise. Here are some ways you can fight obesity:


The environment in the gym will no doubt force you to perform the exercise diligently. Also, interacting with other people will also put a certain kind of social pressure on you and you will be motivated to lose weight.


Go jogging or running every morning as that is the best exercise that one can give the body. It is inexpensive and it refreshes the senses since running is so instinctive to all animals, including humans. Needless to say, it burns a sizable number of calories and you end up feeling great about yourself.


Follow a strict diet wherein you are to avoid all harmful foods that cause obesity and restrict yourself to a diet of essential grains, fruits, vegetables, eggs and chicken – all home cooked in low amount of healthy oils. Also, include some essential foods that may provide the important nutrients required by the body.


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