Weight Loss Tips From Around The Globe

Some nations are slimmer than others. Whether it can be attributed to the varied cultures and lifestyles, it is the make-or-break of their weight loss success. Shedyourweight.com has compiled 7 of the globe’s best weight loss tricks and put them into one, easy read for your convenience.

So whether you choose to spice it up like the Malaysians, do Yoga like the Indians or eat breakfast like the Mexicans is all up to you. 

Use a bike more often

Cities and states with more sidewalks and bike paths tend to be slimmer than people living in locations where they rely on car transportation. In the Netherlands, people keep fit by swapping the gas pedal for the bike pedal. Not only does biking strengthen and tone the muscles of the quads, hamstrings and glutes, it also burns 550 calories per hour and boosts the immune system. 

Eat more curry

In Malaysia, they flavor their curry dishes with turmeric, which has the fat-burning substance curcumin. Researchers have found out curcumin plays a significant role in suppressing fat tissue growth .

Pickles are the answer

Hungarians like their food pickled, and it’s no wonder they stay so slim. With pickled bell peppers, cabbages, cucumbers and tomatoes, the tart treats are flavored with vinegar, which scientists believe boosts elimination of fat from the body.

Do Yoga

Indians know yoga is good for it’s stress-relieving and flexibility-improving properties, but experts have been publishing for years articles and books about yoga’s amazing weight loss capabilities. Studies have shown that even though yoga is deemed a low intensity exercise, yoga practitioners generally weigh less than other exercisers do.

Make your breakfast your biggest meal

Mexicans eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and consume dinner like a pauper. This way, they refrain from consuming the bulk of their calories at nighttime to facilitate proper digestion and better weight loss control.

Talk a lot

This maybe one of the reasons French Women Never Get Fat, because the French excel in leisurely family meals. Studies have revealed that lengthy meals filled with laughter and talking encourage less eating, because conversation slows down speed of which you eat, giving your brain time to realize that it is full.

Sleep more

The Japanese are a nation of naturally thin people, because aside from always being-on-the-go, these individuals recognize the power of sleep in quick weight loss success. Lack of sleep triggers the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, which makes people think they are hungry when in fact, all they need is some sleep.


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