Ridiculously Easy and Fast Weight Loss Tricks

The formula to fast weight loss seems simple. Burn more calories than you consume, but as anyone who’s ever tried to lose a few pounds knows, putting that statement onto practice is difficult. Whoever can find that perfect balance? Cut back on calories too much and your metabolism slows down that you become overhwelmed by hunger. Exercise too much and you’re hunger pangs after will trigger you to eat back the calories you’ve burned off. It’s a hard, tricky situation to be in.

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If you want to lose th extra calories fast, but have a little trouble sticking to  prescribed eating plan, then I receommend these tips to you. These tips are super easy to do, and backed up by years of solid research to help you on your way to weight loss success.

1. Add a Dash of Spice

Sprinkle some chili pepper into your appetizer right before a meal. The capsaicin in peppers is a thermogenic agent, which increases metabolic activity to burn calories and fat faster.

2. Limit Caloric Beverages

Sure, that grande caffe mocha from Starbucks sounds good, but this calorie-dense beverage will still not fill you up enough so you could eat less at your next meal. Unlike consuming one apple which actually has 100 calories, but will make you full enough to consume less a your next meal.

3. Don’t Eat Just Before Bed

Research has shown that consuming sweet, high in saturated fat foods right before bedtime decreases the calorie-burning capacity of our body. Not only that, it also increases fat storage. So next time you get hunger pangs in the middle of the night, think twice before reaching for that tub of ice cream in the fridge.

4. Have Some Hot Soup Before a Meal

Studies suggest that eating hot soup before a meal helps people eat less by sending your digestive tract signals of satiety before you begin the next course. Of course, avoid the cream-based, canned kind.

5. Weigh Yourself Daily

Weighing yourself everyday actually makes you more motivated to lose or maintain weight. A 2006 study revealed that those wo weighed themselves daily gained almost no weight as compared to those who did not weigh themselves at all.

The Skinny

Losing weight can be enjoyable if you make it so. Remember that the little things you do to follow your fitness plan add up to a new you. These are just some of the fast weight loss tricks we can share, but incorporating them into your daily life will work wonders every time you weigh yourself on your bathroom scale.


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