GHRELIN: The Hormone of Hunger

June 28, 2009

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When your stomach wants food, ghrelin springs into action and you feel hungry. Besides making us hungry studies have shown that there is another reason which makes us overeat. Ghrelin makes you feel pleasure when you think about food and makes your desire to eat something uncontrollable. We just have to eat because we use our minds to work up a hunger frenzy in our mind. Pictures of tasty unhealthy foods fly in our minds and binging is just one step away.

You can be hooked on craving some food. Usually unhealthy food. Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, stimulates some nerve centers from your brain, especially the pleasure nerve centers, making you feel the need to reward yourself with some tasty delicious food. Most of us cannot resist even if we aren’t hungry. I must admit I was bad at controlling my desires to eat. I used to overeat frequently. Now it happens too but less frequently. I have acquired more self-control and I feel great. I am even enjoying and feel pleasure when I stop myself from overeating because I know that I have eaten all the food I need.


The action of ghrelin on the human body can b compared to that of a drug. It makes you feel pleasure and makes you addicted to the feeling and results. If someone shows you pictures of tasty looking food you will start feeling hungry. Even if you are full. This solves the dilemma of the dessert for me. No matter how stuffed I feel after eating lots of food I can always fit in some delicious dessert. Well I used to do it. Now I eat healthy food and eat fruits for dessert. Healthy and tasty at the same time.

Think about it. How many times have you eaten something and you felt full. You needed no more food. Then someone comes along and tells you about a cool delicious food they have just bought, made or invites you out to get it. You are full of food but you start feeling the hunger grooving as the other person describes the delicious food. A inner battle ensues. The battle is lost from the start if the food is present and in front of you. You think “Just a bite is ok”. But we all know that you won’t stop at just one bite. Ghrelin is pushing you and basically forces you to overeat.

You have to learn how to control your cravings and desires. You should control food. Don’t let food control you. Imagine being the slave of a cheeseburger or cheesecake. A piece a cheesecake haw more will than you if you cannot resist it. Not a good position to be in. Learn to control your mind and you will be much happier, healthy and fit.

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