How To Stop Binge Eating: regain control over your eating habits

How often do you find yourself mindlessly binging on some unhealthy food? You are not alone. And better yet there are simple steps you can make to put a stop to binge eating fast and easy.

It is said that there are 3 types of people when it comes to unhealthy eating habits. The ones that eat with their eyes: they fill their plates with way more food than they can eat. The ones that eat using their brain: they are usually obsessed with dieting. The last group is made of the people that eat with their heart: if they have any emotional problems they try to cover it up with a thick layer of food.

If you emotionally eat frequently don’t despair. The specialist believe that there are 5 major triggering factors for binging: stress and anxiety, loneliness, rage, premenstrual syndrome (this goes only for women. Or maybe men too if their sweet lady becomes a monster 🙂 ), sadness and depression. But not everyone keeps stuffing themselves because of these reasons. Some overeat because of boredom or even because they have stopped smoking and their hands are free now. Others got the bad habit of snacking on something when doing some activities.


Simple solutions to help you stop binge eating:

Drink lots of water! The simplest way to put an end to binging is to drink a glass of water instead of eating. If the desire to eat persists drink another glass of water and so on. If needed you can drink water until your stomach is full and food has no room. You have to drink water not sodas and supermarket juices. If you don’t really want to drink all that water you can drink fresh natural juices made by you. If you will drink sugary juices you will get hungry for real soon. So avoid any liquids that contain sugar in them.

Workout! I know that many don’t like this piece of advice but it work great. Make a list with all benefits of frequent workout to get you motivated. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.

Postpone as much as you can eating. Let’s say you are craving a piece of chocolate. Maybe you would want to eat a whole chocolate, not just a piece. Nothing stops you from eating it. But take a while before you eat it. Wait for the tv commercials. Learn to postpone the moment of binging. You will eat less and you might even stop craving the food. After conquering your binging desire you will feel much better. Take baby steps and soon you will have a will of fire.

Don’t stock on junk food. I know how great are chips, nachos, biscuits and those little tasty chocolates. Keeping them at hand can have a disastrous effect on your health and waistline. When you get a sudden crave just thinking that you have to get dressed, go outside and buy the darn thing may stop you on the spot. This usually works for small to medium carvings. If you are really lazy it works for huge burning craving too.

Talk to your friends or keep a diary. Talking or writing down your emotional problems is another great way to stop binging. This method goes directly to the source of binging, emotional problems. Just talking or writing about your emotional problems can dispel the hold they have on you.

If you still cannot stop binging after trying all the above mentioned simple tricks then you can always replace the junk food with much more healthy food. For more about this read The ultimate guide to smart snacking during a weight loss diet.

Also find out How to stop food cravings and still enjoy eating.

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