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May 29, 2009

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I am sure that you have tried successful diets that worked for others but didn’t work for you. Some have even started a diet with their friends, did not cheat during the diet, and still they didn’t get any noticeable results. Their friends didn’t cheat and broke the diet either because they succeeded to lose weight.

We are not all made the same way. When I comes to dieting and what we like to eat this is extremely obvious. Some love pizza others can’t stand it. They would rather eat a hamburger. Some like spicy other sweeter food. When you think about it, it is normal that we can’t all lose weight using the same diet. If that would be the truth there would be just one diet. There are thousands of diets out there.


A good explanation for the effectiveness of some diets and the failure of others form individual to individual is given by the blood type diet. What the blood type diet tells us is that you have to eat food keeping in mind your blood type.

The blood type diet is important for many reasons. The most important one is the fact that you get a quick personalized diet depending on the blood type that you have.

What to eat based on your blood type

Blood Type 0 people should exercise frequently and eat foods with a high proteins content. Their body is capable to metabolize proteins and lipids, transforming them into ketones which take the place of carbohydrates in maintaining a stable blood sugar level. The combination of ketone, an low caloric intake and lots of physical activity leads to a feeling of weakness and a lack of physical strength.

Blood Type A is represented by vegetarians. If you are a blood type A then you can eat salads all day long. Raw foods are a great way for you to lose weight.

Blood Type B has a diet that is best described by associating it to a chameleon. Blood type B can adapt themselves to any diet, and can eat any type of food. They feel good and energized eating any type of food.

Blood Type AB persons combine admirably the diet habits of blood type A and B in a very balanced way. If you are in the AB blood type you should know that you have a predisposition because of excess protein eating. But you can eat some vegetables that the blood type A don’t tolerate to offset the hindrance.

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