Trick Your Mind and Body into Losing Weight Real Quick

Sometimes, in order to get the body shape you’ve been dreaming off, you’ve got to get real creative in finding ways to melt the pounds of excess fat off your body. Because it’s hard to lose weight fast, especially when all the foods you love to eat are the ones who contribute to weight gain, and when getting up and about on a regular basis is your ultimate nightmare.

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We hear you. We know how difficult the battle against the fat bulge can be, and to be lighter on the scales, we’re going to share some very easy ways to trick your seemingly stubborn mind (and body!) into becoming one lean, mean, fat-burning machine.

1. Use smaller plates during meals

This trick has psychological effects to make you feel as though you’re getting a full plate, when actually, you’re cutting back significantly. 

If you change to seven-inch plates instead of the common nine-inch ones, you may be reducing your caloric intake without even feeling it. 

2. Use taller, thinner glasses

Of course this won’t apply when you’re drinking water, because you need lots of water to lose weight successfully. Rather, this can be applied whenever you cannot avoid drinking calorie-laden beverages like juice or soda.

Studies have revealed that people pour 30% more in short galsses without realizing it in comparison to tall, thin glasses. This is due to the classic vertical-horizontal optical illusion. People consistently perceive equally sized vertical lines as longer than horizontal ones, when in reality, they’re about the same. 

3. Keep junk food in areas out of eye reach

Keeping the bad food out of your reach means you’re less likely to think about eating it. It’s a case of "out of sight, out of mind." You will be less inclined to eat something that you cannot see or is placed in such an unconvenient place that you won’t even bother reaching for it. 

Try stashing the junk food in a cabinet located high in the kitchen and out of arm’s reach. On the other hand, keep your healthy foods in clear, easy to see containers and easy to reach for places.

4. Chew thouroughly

Enjoy your food! Put your spoon and fork down after every bite and take small sips of water in between. When you’re hungry you’re more likely to eat quickly, thereby not giving your stomach enought time to signal that it is already full.

When you eat slowly, you are giving your body the time it needs to feel sated, because it takes approximately 15 minutes for the brain to recognize fullness. This way you will be likely to eat less. 

5. Never eat straight from the bag or container

It’s easy to overeat when you’re reaching into a bottomless bag of food. It’s much better t place your food in bowls or little ziploc bags so you can keep track of your portion sizes.

You will trick your mind into eating less when you make the effort of measurin gout your food so you’re less tempted to go overboard. So dish it up, put the rest away and savor every bite.

The Skinny

We all know losing weight isn’t as simple as "just eating less", because how we eat is a result of so many factors, like how relaxed you are in your environment, your eating speed, the portion sizes… The list could go on to several more, but the good news is, these factors can be controlled. It’s just a matter of bringing them to the forefront of your mind until they become your habits. It is very important to get and have healthy eating habits.

Practice these tricks and incorporate them into your everyday routine to help yourself keep calories in check and lose weight quick. Over time, they will become second nature to you, you’ll even wonder why you ever lived without practicing them.

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