Dieting tricks to help you lose weight and get healthy eating habits

If you wish to go on a diet or just to change some of your eating habits to lose some weight then read on. Even if you already follow a diet the following tricks might be of help to you. Some you might know and other maybe not, but it is going to be easier to implement some of them in your life if they are all gathered here. If you want you can write the weight loss tricks on a sheet of paper to have them at hand and add more as you find them.

The only purpose of these suggestions is to help you keep diets and a healthy lifestyle. If you have any good suggestions and tricks of your own please add them in the comments below to help the other readers. That would be a great gesture on your part.


One of the main factors that lead to weight gain are larger than needed portions. You should use medium to small plates even for main courses. The food will feel plentiful and you will get stuffed with less food than usually.

The “I have eaten all I needed” feeling appears after 20 minutes from the beginning of the meal. If you eat quickly your plate will get empty before the 20 minutes and you will feel the need to eat more. And you will reach for that extra fattening serving. Don’t fall into the trap, eat slowly. Besides this is a healthy eating habit even if you are overweight or not because it will help you digest and absorb the food nutrients easier. Put the fork on the table after every bite and don’t pick it up until you have chewed it all. It might take a while before you get used to eating slowly but you will notice the beneficial effects sooner.

Get used to drinking one glass of warm water with lemon juice after every meal or during the day. It helps out the digestion and eliminates the toxins. The lemon will reestablish also the alkaline equilibrium of the blood. Even if the lemon is sour the factors that increase acidity are meat, sugar, baked white flower foods.

Your appetite is influenced by the colors that you see on the table. Pick and use blue or green instead of red or orange ones. The last ones stimulates your appetite, being useful if you want to gain weight.

Always pack your home made lunch at work. Its much more healthy and tasty. Adapt to your work environment. As a side dish to the proteins from eggs, low fat meat, fish, soy foods, you can pack steamed vegetables or a homemade salad. If you can’t prepare your food at work you can pack a whole wheat sandwich with cheese, meat, soy and many vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, radishes.

Quench your desire for sweets with fruits, fresh or dried, honey, whole cereals and raisins. Fruits contain many types of sugars that get absorbed slower and are more healthy than glucose from refined sugar. Besides fruits bring lots of vitamins and minerals that are very useful for your body, when sugar has only calories and nothing more.

Start your dinner with a bowl of vegetable soup, especially if you can’t eat it at lunch. It is full of vitamins and minerals, warms you, relaxes you and helps digestion. According to Ayurveda it is recommended to fill your stomach one quarter with liquid food, two quarters with solid food and one quarter left empty to help the air circulation and facilitate digestion.

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