Kara DioGuardi’s Diet and Exercise Routine: The Feisty American Idol’s Judge

March 20, 2011

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Singer-songwriter and former American Idol judge Kara Dioguardi has her Italian lineage to thank for her good looks, because the 39 year old stunner is certainly one of the most the eye-catching women in the world. Her flowing, auburn hair and flawless skin make her a pretty face that’s hard to miss, but her svelte figure puts the H in hot, as she sports a to-die-for bod made possible by her diet and exercise routine.

Kara-DioGuardi.jpg"Staying happy and everything in moderation, the gym 3 times a week and just staying on top of it is key…It’s got to be a lifestyle,” Kara shares.

Kara DioGuardi’s diet involves eating everything but keeping it in moderate amounts. She claims that consistency is vital when she does proper diet that kept her lean and healthy.

Unlike other women, Kara DioGuardi’s diet involves eating sweets in moderation. In fact, she claims that she can’t live without sweets in her diet so she has to include them but in moderation of course. She makes sure too that she consumes a lot water per day.

“Going on diets is not really my thing. I am an eater – an Italian who doesn’t eat is an outcast – but I do it in moderation. I make a special dish of vegetables and sausage with garlic oil. If I want to get crazy, I make rice – lasagna too,” Kara shares.

For Kara DioGuardi’s exercise routine, she hits the gym three to four times a week wherein she runs two miles on the treadmill or does 25 minutes of cardio exercises.

“Boxing, treadmill, step-ups, walking lunges, sprints… I mix up my fitness training exercise,” Kara states.

Cardio exercises are actually important and included in almost everybody’s routine since it burns a lot of calories suitable for weight loss and muscle building as well.

Furthermore, Kara DioGuardi’s exercise routine includes weight training which she claims is important as a person grows older.

She claims, “Weight training is important as you get older. You build muscle, which burns fat when you’re at rest.”

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