How to Gain Weight Fast in a Healthy Way: 5 rules for weight gain

August 14, 2009

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Sometimes gaining weight can be as complicated and arduous as losing weight. There is lot of information for those that want to lose weight. But for those that want to gain weight fast the information resources are pretty scarce.

The first thing you should do is to speak with your doctor and an endocrinologist. In some cases the doctor can prescribe drugs that help you gain weight. In any case the doctor will run a set of tests on you and try to establish a root cause for your inability to gain weight. After the doctors establish that you don’t suffer from a disease that prevents you from gaining weight you can start working on increasing your muscle mass.

Here are 5 tips to help you gain weight fast in a healthy way:


1)You have to create for yourself an eating schedule. You have to eat 3-4 meals daily with snacks between them. The snacks have to be healthy and also full of nutrients and calories. Consider the snacks as food supplement for a healthy diet. Because you goal is to gain weight you can eat butter and ice-cream as much as your heart desires. Even if you are trying to gain weight you should avoid eating foots who are too fatty or contain lots of sugar.

2) The foods that should not lack form a weight gain diet are: whole grain bread, potatoes, beans, cheese, eggs, meat and fish. When you cook your meals make sure you choose foods containing lots of calories. Make sure you also use aliments in your cooking that increase the energetic value of the resulting meal. For example if you make deep fried chicken add powder milk in the recipe. In the morning drink milk with whole grain cereals with dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Eat lots of cheese and high fat dairies.

3)You can buy food supplements to help you take in more calories on a daily basis and gain more weight. Research the brand before buying it to make sure they are healthy. Always read the label before eating something new and cutting age.

4)Pump some iron at the gym or do any weight lifting training you can. That way you will gain muscles instead of lots of fat. Muscles are much more heavier than fat and make you look good. But don’t go overboard and get freakish huge muscles.

5)Emotional and physical stress must be reduced as much as possible. Try some relaxation exercises to help you achieve inner peace. If you have a tormented soul and you are always under stress you cannot gain weight fast.

As an extra fast weight gaining tip weight yourself one a week only. The fluctuations in weight can create a false image on the effectiveness of the weight gaining program you are following. If you see no results you will get frustrated and stressed which goes against weight gain tip number 5.

Make sure you stop in time and you don’t go to the other side and become obese. Your goal should be to look stunning and fabulous. I wish you good luck.

If you have additional tips you could share with others please write them in the comment below.

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