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May 8, 2009

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Healthy eating habits equal good health. This is not about thousands of restrictions over other eating restrictions. A healthy diet cannot contain too many restrictions because our bodies need all the foods to function, but with moderation. You can learn to live with less from all the foods you overeat now. The void will be filled with the foods that you don’t eat now. That way you will create for yourself a balanced nutrition that will pave the way to a much healthier life.

The following troublesome problems are all created by unhealthy eating habits: teeth cavities, stomach, liver and bile diseases. Some cardiovascular diseases are negatively affected by bad eating habits.

There are many things you must do to achieve healthy eating habits but there are some big steps that you can take starting right now. These leaps towards healthier eating habits will ensure that the rest of them will show up in your lifestyle soon enough too. Without further ado here are the big eating habits that you must get:

Eat 3 meals daily separated by 2 small snacks

It is good for your health and waistline to eat frequently. Eating times should be spaced apart by 2 to 3 hours. Make it a habit to eat 3 meals daily and two light and healthy snacks. Then taking into consideration your goals, losing weight, gaining weight or maintaining your weight, you can establish exactly what you will eat at each meal.


Never eat until you feel your stomach is going to explode

Put a stop to overeating because it is the main reason for weight gain. You should feel satiety when you leave the table but nut feel like you are going to burst any moment now. A good eating habit is to always leave some food on the plate. I know many of us were raised up being told “Eat all your food. There are children starving so you should be grateful”. I was one of them and it really hurt me on the long run. You are mature now and you can give permission to yourself to not everything from your plate. Heck I give you permission too just as long as you do it. Your stomach doesn’t need that much food to be satisfied.

Your appetite is influenced not just by the taste of the food but also the color, smell and look of the food. So if you need lots of tasty food that is usually full of fats to feel satisfied by the meal try a much more healthy one but arranged and spiced up to look appetizing. That way you will eat a healthy food and at the same time, the pleasure of eating won’t have to suffer.

Find out what meals to eat and how to eat them to ensure healthy eating habits.

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