Healthy Eating Habits: Eat to Live Not Live To Eat

July 2, 2010

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One should eat to live, not live to eat.~Cicero, Rhetoricorum LV

Eating is a hobby that many embrace, but few know they do. I love eating good food but I treasure my life more than food. That is why I was forced to strike a balance between the two. The way I did that is by adopting healthy eating habits.

Healthy eating habits doesn’t mean awful tasting food, or foods with no taste at all. I hate that kind of food too. The most important healthy eating habit that I have is self restraint. I can control how much food I eat during each meal, and I choose to do so.

I also eat more healthy food. I cook most of the food that I eat and I make it really tasty. This sometimes makes the self restraint part hard to do. You know how hard it is to stop eating something that just tickles your soul and showers you in delightful feelings. It is hard but it must be done if you want to enjoy a long healthy life. Overeating is a bad eating habit that leads to excess fat stored all over your body.

Many doctors are starting to consider obesity a disease in itself, nut just as an aggravator of other diseases. This should make you think. Are you eating to live or living to eat?

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating and a long healthy life. As long as you learn to eat just enough delicious food to live then you will be fine. Plus you might even be surprised to find a new source of pleasure: knowing that you are the master of your food is a liberating feeling pleasure filled. Most men and women live a life of slavery under their master food. And food can be a cruel master that rewards you today only to destroy your health next year. Don’t look for pleasure in food, seek it elsewhere if you cannot control your food intake.

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