5 Of The Best Weight Loss Exercises Ever

April 19, 2011

Exercise & Fitness

Losing weight successfully and keeping it off entails so much more than a proper diet, you have to have regular physical activity, too. Hopefully, you’ve started being active many years ago. But if not, well, now is the perfect time to start!

These weight loss exercise suggestions all do wonders to the human body, not only by getting your blood going, your heart pumping and your breathing maximized. They also increase your stamina while strengthening, toning, and trimming the whole body.

1. Yoga

Yoga has gained popularity over the years as the number of celebrities and fitness gurus promote their efficacy in keeping the body lithe and trimmed.Yoga is not only a great stress-buster and flexibility-improving exercise, it’s also a great way of losing and controlling weight. Studies have revealed that yoga practitioners generally weigh less than individuals who don’t do yoga at all.

2. Walking

Walking is the ultimate go-to workout, not only toning your core, but also your gluteal, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Plus, walking is very easy to do, not expensive at all and can be done anywhere. Hippocrates was totally right in saying walking is man’s best medicine.

3. Cycling

Cycling offers low impact but efficient exercise. Not only is it a great cardio workout for both the lungs and the heart, it is also a good exercise for the upper and lower body muscles.

You work your legs from pedaling, you work your arms from turning, and your position and posture to maintain balance also aids in burning calories at an extra faster rate. 

4. Step exercises

Step exercises, which are basically aerobic workouts that utilize a raised platform or step, are great cardio workouts which make your heart pump faster and improves lung function by maximizing your ability to breathe.

Step exercises have positive effects on the mental health as well, alleviates stress and because the exercise is usually done in a group, also improves social interactions. Lastly, step exercises have the additional advantages of being low cost, recommended for all ages and having no restrictions.

5. Weight training

Weight loss isn’t going to happen fast without strength training sessions. Contrary to popular belief, strength training does not make you ‘bulk up’, so you don’t have to worry about looking like a bodybuilder anytime soon.

Rather, strength and weight training only makes you build lean muscle mass to burn fat. In addition, it also increases metabolism for fast weight loss, strengthen bones, elevate mood and mental health, prevent injury and boosts the libido.

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