Fast Weight Loss Know-How: Blast Fat On The Yoga Mat

Ask any celebrity what their favorite exercise routine is, and chances are, the word Yoga will get thrown in the conversation a lot. Yoga has enjoyed immense popularity for several years now, and this sophisticated mind-body workout can do eveything from tightening your tush and losing extra weight fast to destressing your life. 


Any style of yoga offer the physical effects of lengthening and loosening the muscles while maintaining tone, as well as help phsychologically by easing tension and stress. Yoga offers many physiological benefits, and while most types of yoga aren’t as calorie-burning as aerobic exercises do, certain styles can indeed help individuals take off the weight fast.

"Yoga can help you lose weight." says Dana Edison, director of Radius Yoga and a certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine. "The buzzword being mindfulness– the ability to observe what is happening internally in a non-reactive fashion."

Yoga is believed to change the relationship of mind to body, and eventually, food to eating. It forges a connection that helps you be more aware of what you eat and how to stop when the body is full.

While traditiional types of yoga are more into breathing techniques with static poses, power yoga combines meditative breathing with faster, more active movements, and as a result, offers all the fat-burning potential and heart benefits of an aerobic exercise.

Vinyasa Yoga is another type of yoga which builds heat and potentially results in a greater calorie burn. This style of practice, to reap maximum and fast weight loss results, must be done as a compliment to other aerobics exercises one is involved in, such as walking, jogging or swimming. This improves digestion and eliminates constipation, bloating and water retention, controlling the appetite and minimizing the urge of excessive eating.

The best approach to fast weight loss will always be the one which involves good eating and exercise habits. Yoga is a solution to weight loss problems because it tones the body in a uniform fashion, making the individual slimmer in all the right places.

Aside from it’s stress busting capacity, yoga is an effective workout for fighting stubborn fat stores by increasing insulin sensitivity, which in turn sends a signal to burn the ingested food as fuel rather that storing it as fat.

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