Walking for Exercise: get a complete workout exercise by walking

February 3, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

You can walk alone or in a group, in the city, in the countryside, everywhere. Walking is just as efficient as jogging, plus it lacks the risks you expose yourself by frequently jogging.

It’s also remarkable that walking puts a number of muscles, allows the body to oxygenate its self, freeing stress. While walking you can meditate, think you can find solutions to unresolved issues etc. Walking along side someone is an excellent way to communicate.

Walking is a good remedy against insomnia and a good mood stimulant. The explanation is simple: good mood is the result of more physiological factors. During endurance physical activity the brain produces endorphin, the happiness hormone. The effect of these hormone are similar to morphine, without the risk of addiction. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore the recommendation to move and do physical activity regardless of age.


The health benefits of walking as exercise

  • ameliorating blood flow at the low membrane level, favoring new capillary growth; it’s especially recommended to people who have varicose veins.
  • favors a state of relaxation, lowers arterial tension, combats cardiovascular illnesses and reduces body weight.
  • ameliorates heart function, making it stronger and better able to resist physical and emotional stress;
  • diminishes the risk of mortality due to cardiovascular maladies. Walking between 6.2 and 12.4 miles reduces the risk by 22%, 18.6-24.8 miles reduces the risk by 36% while 37.2-43.4 reduces it by 54%, if you walk more than 62.1 miles reduces the risk by 70%.
  • slows blood coagulation, lowers bad cholesterol levels, raising the level of good cholesterol, granted of course if you adopt a healthy diet.
  • Ameliorates breathing capacity by 10% after a week of daily walking.
  • lowers glicemic levels, a regular fast walking program helps diabetics to lower the daily insulin dose.

Practically there are no counter indications for walking for exercise, even in a fast rhythm. This in mind, people with serious health complications must give up these habits or eventually to participate in group physical activities, in a specialist observed environment and only under medical supervision.

Can you lose weight walking?

We shouldn’t kid ourselves, walking doesn’t diminish fat tissue quantity unless it’s done in a rapid rhythm.

We need to know that the energy we spend walking is proportional with a person’s weight and walking speed. For example:

  • a person weighing 110 pounds will consume an average of 45 calories for every half mile.
  • 121 lbs-48 calories
  • 143 lbs-55 calories

Walking also massages the digestive system especially the large intestine, thus avoiding constipation. If we maintain a correct posture while walking (shoulders up, head straight) we can also fortify our abdominal muscles.

Walking techniques for a good exercise

  • walk with an uniform rhythm,
  • walk heel first, then the foot and then the toes
  • the heel and toes must be parallel.
  • avoid walking with your feet pointed outwards
  • don’t step too hard to avoid brutalizing your spine.
  • balance your hands without excessive motions.
  • if the road you’re walking on goes up hill, take smaller steps to keep ypur rhythm.

If you want to lose weight walkig you should check out How Many Calories Can You Burn Walking: walking calories burned

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