Losing Belly Fat Quick By Doing Weight Training Exercises

It’s pretty common for people to turn to aerobic workouts when trying to lose weight quick. What they don’t realize is that muscle burns fat, and weight training maybe the only element they’ve missed in gaining muscle mass and increasing weight loss dramatically. 

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If that didn’t get you jumping on the weight training bandwagon, here are the top reasons why we think you should’nt live another day without hitting the weights and start heading to the weight room.

1. Weight training makes you shed off 40% more fat

It’s a common misconception that only cardio should be considered as a key in blasting belly fat. 

Increasing muscle mass increases the body’s need for energy. If you have been following a healthy diet limiting caloric intake, then your body will now turn to burning fat cells for energy.

This is why weight training can play a tremendous role in your weight loss efforts.

2. You’re bones will get stronger

Weight training increases bone mass, which helps in preventing fractures and bone degeneration.

Numerous studies have revelaed that individuals who strength trained at least three days a week improves muscle strength, enhances spinal flexibility and increases balance.

3. Your heart will be healthier

While weight training doesn’t speed up your heart rate like a cardio workout can, strength training does improve the efficiency and pliability of the heart muscle.

Recent research have shown that moderate weight lifting places less demand on the heart, allowing the lungs more capacity to carry oxygen, increasing stamina and energy levels.

4. You’ll burn off more calories

Weight training is an effective way of boosting the body’s metabolism to burn a larger amount of fat, even while at rest. That’s because after every workout, your muscles use energy to repair their fibers. 

Unlike cardio, whose fat-burning abilities stop as soon as you stop the exercise, weight training burns calories long after you have stopped working out.

5. You’ll handle stress better

Weight training increases the release of your feel-good normones called endorphins, which are also natural painkillers.

Studies have shown that those who weight trained had measurable positive effects on their feelings and attitudes as compared to those who are chronically depressed. Another study found that after stressful situations, people who weight trained had their blood pressure return to normal faster than those who did not.

The Skinny

You already know that exercise is good for you. But now you are armed with the information that weight taining is an integral part of any fitness program, and combining it with your cardio workouts for a complete exercise routine is a sure way to make you lose weight quick. 

Despite earlier reputation as a "guy’s thing", weight training is important for everyone. With a regular weight training program, you are reducing body fat, increasing lean muscles mass and burning calories more efficiently.

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