Bodybuilding Weight Training: beginner weight training tips

First, congratulations for your decision to work out with weights. It is a wise choice, because you will earn double: besides a fabulous appearance, you will have an iron health. Do not go on the road without being "armed" with as much information as you can get about bodybuilding. We selected the most important problems beginners face. Here are the best beginner weight training tips:

What is weight training and why is it beneficial?

Weight training is defined as carrying out exercises using additional weights, to increase ones strength. The main targets of this type of training are increasing the strength, muscle mass, and protect the health or eliminate body fat – it all depends on how you train.

It is quite obvious that these exercises improve muscle and strength, but what does this have to do with fat? Well, coaches argue strongly that by increasing muscle mass you burn more calories than usual, even in the absence of special diets. However, if you manage to create a training program and combine it with a proper diet, you will get very good results!


Why is it better to go to the gym and not practice weight training at home?

Fitness experts believe that the main benefit of practicing in a gym is professional supervision. For example, if you try to work with weights that are too high for your physical shape, your coach will draw attention to that fact.

He can also advise you, showing you what exercises are right for you and how you can correct a wrong move. This support is essential for beginners in particular – they are the most prone to injury.

Let us not forget about human contact, this is another important point that can motivate you to choose a gym. Thus, you meet new people, you make friends and you can talk to people that are passionate about the same things as you are. Of course, the idea of building a gym at home – where you can practice with your friends – is not bad, with the mention that at least some of the group has experience in training with weights.

How to execute weight training movements

You need to be very strict in this respect. First, it is essential that you learn which the correct way to execute each exercise is. Read specialized books, search for exercises on the Internet and ask the trainer when you have doubts concerning a certain problem. Do not work all the muscles from the beginning – your best bet is to set a suitable program with the coach.

How to cheat while bodybuilding and why not do it?

In bodybuilding, to cheat is to execute an exercise in an incorrect form; with a weight that you could not pick up if you would execute the exercise the right way. By cheating, not only do you risk injury but you also reduce any benefits of training.

Some athletes say that cheating sometimes helps, but this is a thing you learn after years of training. Because there is a "proper way" to cheat, if one may say so. But it is totally counterproductive to do this when you’re a beginner.

What is the difference between simple weight training exercises and compound movements?

Compared to compound movements that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, simple exercises require less energy and less concentration, they are easier – but they are also less effective.

The latter are not as efficient in terms of force or improving muscle mass and are often used by athletes before competitions – when they are too tired to do anything more. Compound movements trigger more motor units and work more muscle groups at once – which makes them highly appreciated among athletes.

What weight training diet should you follow?

If you get to bodybuilding, your nutritional needs will become larger – they will not be the same as before, when you ate to survive. An athlete does not only eat to survive, but he eats especially to excel in the sport of his choice.

According to researchers in the field of nutrition, a balanced diet should be composed of 20-30% protein, 50-60% carbohydrates and 20% fat. Obviously, fat is needed – but in excess it is harmful – that is why you should reduce consumption. The most important thing in changing your diet is to do it while you go along, not abruptly. Adjust your daily diet according to the requirements of the sport that you practice.


How often should you lift weights?

For starters, the coaches recommend working three times a week, taking into account the fact that you must work all muscles. Many beginners choose to work only one part of the body once a week, the coaches say it is wrong. This is a method for performance athletes, who must insist on certain areas.

Do you need nutritional supplements?

At least at first, experts say that nutritional supplements are not necessary. It depends but for each person. However, it seems that the best time to think of supplementation in the diet is after a year of intensive training.

Never take supplements "by the ear", talk to your doctor and the coach about it.

Why is it good to stay away from steroids?

Steroids are some substances that help create muscles – very fast, but with negative effects on health. Unfortunately, many professional bodybuilders use them to "grow" and to get physically fit during competitions. The great shortcomings of steroids are health problems that their use in high doses (or long duration) can cause: heart attack, liver decay, hair loss, decreased appetite and sexual performance, but also muscle problems.

Another disadvantage is the fact that after he stops using steroids, the athlete returns to the previous form. Steroids are used in short cycles for 3-6 weeks, with 2-3 weeks of rest. To draw all the benefits, athletes must have at least 3 years of training and an age over 24 years.

What kind of muscle gains can you expect?

Unfortunately, is not that easy to increase muscle mass. The body must work hard to grow, and for this you need time.

The gains in muscle mass are increasingly more difficult to get in time – here is why, once you started training, you must constantly train and combine it with proper a diet and a healthy life style.

What are pyramid sets and how can you make them?

Pyramid sets are probably the oldest method of exercise; they are classics in the field. To achieve them, start by using a very small weight, doing more repetitions. Next you take a heavier weight and the number repetitions decreases and so on, until you get to use the maximum weight, making 1-4 repetitions. The first set must be composed of 12-15 repetitions with a light weight. Then choose a heavier weight and try to do 6 reps. For starters, do this exercise with a coach, because there is a risk to exaggerate.

What is over-training?

Exaggeration in bodybuilding means that you train more than you need. Over-training occurs when you pass over the recovery limit of your body, and this, instead of increasing muscle mass, gets it into a state of shock and it unsuccessfully tries to adapt to the effort that you make. Over-training can create unbearable muscle pain, sleep and appetite disorders, loss of strength and a general malaise. Clearly, exaggeration does not do you any good.

What is training less?

Obviously, this state is opposite to that of over-training. Working less than you can is not good, because you do not reach your objectives. The status of under-training can be observed when you return home after gym and you do not feel tired at all. The feeling you have to have after training at a gym should not be of exhaustion or of extreme relaxation – but moderate fatigue.

What is the system of division?

With the advancements in bodybuilding, training sessions are becoming more complex and yet you still can not work the whole body in one session. This is where the sharing system comes, which means the involvement of half of the body in a workout and the other half in future training. There are divisions for 2 days, but there are also divisions for 3, 4 or even 5.

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