6 Nutritional Supplements Tips: How to get the best supplements

February 15, 2010

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It is true that in some cases, nutritional supplements are beneficial – but that is usually decided by the doctor. Not the parents for the children or athletes for themselves. Moreover, do not take after your friends that "tried" and know which supplements are best and which are not. What works for a body can disturb the other – so, in this case, only the "doctor knows best" applies.

Supplements that are administered wrong or in inadequate quantities can cause much damage – so it is not a joke – sometimes the consequences can even be fatal. The main reason that forms the basis of dietary supplements consumption is, as their name says, "additional" daily food intake that contains those important nutritional supplement substances that the body does not receive in sufficient quantities.

This is especially the case for those with an imbalanced diet due to their lifestyle or those with a restricted diet (due to a diet or because of a disease). Other uses of nutritional supplements is increasing athlete performance, gain muscle and prevent premature aging.

Nutritional Supplements Tip no 1: Take a medical check – up

If you think about taking supplements, take a health control first. In certain conditions, taking supplements is absolutely forbidden. If there are no contraindications, discuss with your doctor what supplements match for you and ask him for recommendations.

Nutritional Supplements Tip no 2: Talk to a professional fitness trainer

Physicians are well trained in their fields, but sometimes they are not made aware of all the new supplements in the industry because the supplements are designed for proper athletes. That’s why it is useful to talk to a fitness professional that will advise you to some supplements that are appropriate to the goal you pursue. Do not forget to tell him if you have any contraindications or intolerances to certain substances. However, my advice is to always maintain good communication with both the doctor and the sports coach – the only way you can certainly chose supplements that are useful and good for you.

Nutritional Supplements Tip no 3: Search for information on your own

Do not rely solely on the information received from coaches or doctors. Sometimes, some firms do their advertising, promoting products that do not match your needs. Do your own research. The internet is a good place to start. Read, search, ask, compare. Make sure you got everything you need and, thus armed, set out to find the right supplements.

Nutritional Supplements Tip no 4: Avoid mixtures, preparations or strange potions

When you decide to take dietary supplements, choose a known brand with a warranty. Attention to the labeling of the products: it should contain details about the producer / distributor and it should have the ingredients. Follow the instructions supplements; do not administer them ‘by eye’ or depending on the words of other users. The label inside the box and the instructions are there to be followed exactly. This applies to dosage, time of ingestion; the quantity you have to combine with water, and food consumption before / after administering the supplements.

Nutritional Supplements Tip no 5: More is not better

Do not make the mistake of believing that a larger amount of supplement will enlarge the beneficial effects it has on the body. It will not be like that. An overdose is very dangerous and the consequences can be serious.

Nutritional Supplements Tip no 6: Stop taking supplements if you notice negative effects

Even if you have health problems and your doctor recommends certain supplements, do not take them if you observe adverse effects. That is a signal that your body is trying to tell you that that supplement is not suitable.

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