Menopause Help: 8 tips about menopause to help you stay fit

February 12, 2010

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Well, this happened: time passed and, naturally, you’re in that period and menopause is starting to install. These are not easy times, but you must not dramatize and if you take care of yourself, you can stay in shape. Are you afraid that you will gain weight? There is that risk, but, following some simple tips about menopause you will not have to give up your favorite clothing or to buy your clothes two or three sizes bigger…

Menopause Tip no 1: Do not make estrogen the "scapegoat"

Low levels of estrogen in the body, specifically in the period after menopause, have nothing to do with gaining weight. More likely the high fat diet and physical inactivity are the main "guilty" ones for your compromised figure.


Menopause Tip no 2: Do not consume alcoholic drinks

Be careful with alcoholic beverages that contain calories. According to recent studies by American experts, there is a direct causal link between alcohol consumption and accumulation of pounds after menopause. If you like wine, it is advisable to combine it with water in equal proportions. Or, instead of a bottle of beer, drink only half a bottle.

Menopause Tip no 3: Tone your muscles

American specialists in female nutritional problems have demonstrated that the decrease in muscle mass is a consequence of an increased layer of fat – in other words, you gain weight imperceptibly. The solution to this problem is obvious: go to the gym and work your muscles so that tissue can regenerate gradually. By doing so, you will burn calories at the same time – that will be an added advantage for regaining and maintaining figure.

Menopause Tip no 4: Do not starve yourself

If I told you that high-fat foods are a danger to figure, that does not mean that after you get to menopause, you start keeping drastic low calorie diets. You will not succeed than if you deprive your body of nutrients that are so necessary in these delicate times. If you follow a regular exercise program, your metabolism will run at optimal parameters and consume from 1600 to 1800 calories a day.

Menopause Tip no 5: Do not nibble

The truth is that each snack taken between meals has its price … Taste the soup while cooking? Enjoy a delicious ice cream while you watch a movie? Do you also enjoy a chocolate bar before dinner? They will haunt you more than you think, they accumulate calories. Limit yourself to three substantial meals a day; do not skip breakfast and no dinner later than 7 o’clock in the evening. It should not be a rule too hard to meet.

Menopause Tip no 6: Do not eat too much

The three daily meals rule is applicable and useful only if you will not "devour" considerable portions. Each organism reacts in its own way. If you feel that you get hungry very often and you are not full after one meal, eat less and more often.

Menopause Tip no 7: Eat healthy foods

After menopause, it is advisable that your diet includes low-fat and high – nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals). A baked potato is more nutritious and lower in calories than a steak, no matter how appetizing it would be. Similarly, a fresh fruit is more appropriate than a glass of juice and so on.

Menopause Tip no 8: Relax

Get used to relaxing: a warm bubble bath with your favorite music is a real antidote to stress and hence to pounds (it is known that, if you’re nervous, you tend to eat more). Keep that in mind, after the menopause, the body is facing an important hormone, which increases your sensitivity and decreased metabolism.

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