Why Am I Not Losing Weight Fast Enough?

People who want to lose weight almost always want to shed it off as fast as possible with little or no effort at all. And why not? With all the diet fads swearing you’ll take weight off like a drop of a hat, exercise gadgets that promise to work out your whole body and supplements that pledge to melt fat away with a pill, the public is misled into thinking that they can easily ntransform their body in the shortest time possible.

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Even if you are doing the tried-and tested diet and exercise modification to shedd off the weight, you may be frustrated at your progress, and wonder what you did wrong with your routine. Here are the top reasons why you are not losing weight fast enough.

1. You’re not exercising enough

Maybe you’re not seeng the results as fast as you would like because you’re not doing enough cardio, or not doing enough strength training.

To change the shape of your body, you must strike a balance between the cardio exercises you do and challenging strength training workouts.

2. You’re eating too much

You lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume. Even if you do a rigorous exercise routine, if you pig out during meals, you’re only gaining back the calories you lost during exercise.

If you are serious about dropping the extra weight, you should practice portion control and keep track of all food you consume using a food diary.

3. You’re inconsistent with your fitness plan

When you treat your diet and exercise as a hit-or-miss thing, when you give in to temptation easily and when you slack off more than you persevere, that may be the reason your’e not losing weight fast enough. 

For your diet and exercise to take effect on your body, you have to do it on a regular basis, not when you only feel like doing it. Anyway, once your body adjusts to the healthier lifestyle you’re providing it, it won’t be that hard to do anymore.

4. You lack sleep

It’s true, you only build muscles at rest. So when you’re not getting the eight to ten hours of sleep you shoul get everyday, it affects your body’s metabolism and makes it slow down, just enough for you to notice you’re not getting any slimmer. Studies have also revealed that being deprived of sleep affects the appetite-controlling hormone cortisol.

5. You’re stressed out

When you’re constantly fretting and stressing about something, it’s the perfect opportunity for weight gain.  Though you might be unaware of it, being stressed increase the production of cortisol, increasing your appetite and maximizing the fat storage around your abdominal area, which is one of the hardest areas to lose weight from.

Being stressed also makes it harder for you to eat healthily, because you’re too tired or tense to prepare a good meal. Being stressed also makes it easier for you to reach for unhealthy food, like junk food, which is readily available. Stress makes you fat, period.

6. You go overboard with rewarding yourself

So you made it without cheating your diet for a week. Then on the weekend, you give yourself a treat, but you go overboard, indulging in unhealthy food like there’s no tomorrow. Well, that was your window to weight gain.

Having treats every now and then is fine, it eliminates the feeling of food deprivation and helps you stay motivated in acheiving your weight loss goal, but eating yourself silly on the weekends just may be hurting your weight loss success. The thing to do is to plan your indulgences so that you can have your treats while sticking to your weight loss goals.

The Skinny

It is always good to give your body enough time to see results, remember that the safe way of losing weight fast only calls for a 1-2 pound drop in the weight per week. If you happen to be experiencing any of the six reasons listed above, it’s time you reassess your weight loss plan for you to achieve the significant changes you want.


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