Free the Thin Person Inside You

July 2, 2010

Weight Loss Quotes

Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake.~Author Unknown

Each overweight person thinks at least once per day about losing weight fast. Daydreaming about a thinner you is so pleasant and depressing at the same time. Realizing how much different your life could be if you could lose all that excess weight is mindboggling.

That is when the old trusty slice of chocolate cake comes in handy. It is a quick fix to feeling good about yourself again. There is no shame in it. For a long time I have turned to ice-cream, chocolate and all kind of sweets or fatty foods as a way to cope with my feelings. I was burying myself and my body under a pile of fat. The bigger the pile of fat got the more motivated I was to stay sedated by eating more unhealthy fattening foods.

Unfortunately the answer to your emotional problems doesn’t lie in a plate. That is just a way to avoid the inevitable. One day, just like I did, you will look in a mirror and you will be shocked by your appearance. You won’t be able to recognize yourself. I was disgusted with my appearance and I thought for a couple of minutes about what others probably thought about me. I realized that I was thinking the same things about myself.

That is a turning point. It is up to you, and there are only two paths. Most choose to deal with the pain by eating more, thinking there is no chance of ever liberating the thin person that once was. Few choose the long arduous path of changing their lifestyle and eating habits, losing weight and enjoying their life more.

I challenge you to be one of the few. Learn to solve your emotional problems some other way, not with a spoon or a fork. You won’t find any answers in a piece of chocolate cake or in a slice of pie. All you will find is more despair and loneliness.

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