How to stop food cravings and still enjoy eating

If you have ever tried to keep a diet you know that the number one enemy is the craving of forbidden foods. It’s not hunger but the desire to eat something specifically, like chocolate, some fast food or crackers. And sometimes you fool yourself you have the willpower to just take a bite and stop. It never happens, and usually the whole forbidden food is eaten whole. So what can you do to stop your food cravings from destroying your dieting every time.

Well your body needs the food you crave and you have to give it to him. But what do you do when your body craves chocolate every day? Your body craves sweets because it has received too many sweets. If you are used to eating something sweet every day you will be amazed that after 3-4 days of sweets abstinence your sweets cravings will disappear in thin air.


There are a set of rules that if are followed lead to less food cravings. These rules are:

  • -eat small amounts of food but eat more frequently. It seems that when you eat more small meals per day the chances of being struck by food cravings decrease significantly.
  • -relax and workout. Stress increases your appetite for carbohydrates. Working out helps you get rid of all the accumulated negative energies.
  • -never ever starve yourself. If you eat too less it is normal for your body to feel the desire to eat anything just as long as it is food. And usually it will crave the most energy packed food we have ever eaten.
  • -rest yourself. When you are tired you get a craving for carbohydrates because they are a quick source of energy. Make sure you have restful and enough sleep.
  • -don’t overdo it drinking coffee. Drinking too much coffee creates a huge craving for sweets.

What can you do when you are craving a food and you must resist? Well the surest way to protect yourself against food cravings is to make sure you don’t have any forbidden foods in your house or at arm’s reach. Never buy and keep in your home any junk food. From a statistic point the probability of getting a food craving is higher at night when you are home. So if you don’t have the desired food you can’t eat it. That simple.

Another solution would be to identify what you crave for. Sometimes you don’t really want a specific food but you want a specific taste or texture. Here are some ideas to replace some recurring food cravings:

  • -when you feel the desire for something sweet eat a fruit like an orange or a banana.
  • -if you feel the need to eat something salty try some salty cheese or a couple of olives.
  • -when you feel the craving of snacking on something eat an apple, carrot or celery.
  • -when the desire for something creamy hits you eat some mashed fruits or a cream soup made of vegetables.
  • -if you want to drink a sweet beverage drink a tea or a fresh fruits juice.

But keep in mind that even if the alternatives are more healthy than chocolate or crackers they still have calories. So moderation is the key to a sexy figure.


For more information on how to keep a diet and indulge your food craving you should also read The ultimate guide to smart snacking during a weight loss diet.

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