The Health Benefits of Wheatgrass: the power of wheatgrass juice

June 28, 2009

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Wheatgrass is really healthy and nutrition. It is an explosion of nutritional elements. It might be one of the best foods you can eat for your health and a long life.

Wheatgrass is full of minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphor… It also has amino acids, antioxidants and over 10 vitamins. From wheatgrass your body will get vitamin A, B, C, E, and K in larger quantities and also other vitamins.

An interesting study revealed that wheatgrass retain 92 of the 102 minerals found in the soil. It also has been proven that wheatgrass has an anti-cancerous effect. Wheatgrass has more vitamin A than carrots and more vitamin C than citrus fruits. You can make a very healthy juice by adding wheatgrass to your fruit juices.


The amino acids from wheatgrass help your body repair its deteriorated cells and form muscle cells. Roughly 1 pound of wheatgrass has the nutritional value and health effect as 20 pounds of fresh vegetables. I recommend you juice wheatgrass because it has lots of fibers. All those fibers can be quite hard to digest.

If you make juice only out of wheatgrass 70% of all the juice will be made up of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps your body increase its immunity by reducing the spreading of bacterium.

When it comes to fighting cancer nothing you can eat can equal the anti-cancerous effects of wheat grass. All the vegetables and fruits pale in comparison to wheatgrass. Studies have shown that wheatgrass helps cleanse your blood, cleaning the internal organs, speeding up the elimination of toxins and unhealthy medical residues. Wheatgrass increases the number of enzymes from your cells, which in turn helps you fight against tumors. Enzymes help your body stay young.

By drinking wheatgrass juice you help your body produce more red blood cells which are essential for carrying oxygen in your body. When your body gets more oxygenated it becomes more resistant to diseases.

Other studies have proven that wheatgrass is good at curing the scars formed on lungs. Wheatgrass practically dissolve them. This is good news for those suffering of tuberculosis or heavy smokers. If you are a smoker you should really consider a 2 week diet of wheatgrass juice. Drink 1 glass of wheatgrass juice daily, in the morning.

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