Why Are We Eating More Food: overeating shocking study results

June 28, 2009

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The scientists form Monash University Australia have discovered that as we age our hunger increases. We feel a bigger desire to eat more food as we grow old. That is why we eat more and more in time, leading to becoming overweight. Maybe this is why many 30-40++ year old persons are fatter than teenagers and people in their 20.

It has been discovered that as we age the brain cells responsible with the control of your appetite get degenerated in time. The doctor Zane Andrews says that the process takes place when free radicals attack the cells that have the function of controlling your appetite. This attack has as a result confusion at the level of your brain.

Even if you eat you still feel like you are not full, like you need to eat more food. The brain is the one that sends the message “Stop eating you are full”. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen as it used to as when you were younger. The bad news is that unhealthy eating habits lead to massive quantities of free radicals in your body.


The mechanism is simple but it can malfunction easily. When your stomach is empty the ghrelin hormone tells the brain you should eat. Then you start feeling the sensation of hunger. When your stomach is full some neurons give the signal to stop eating and you stop eating. Unfortunately the free radicals attack these neurons and you stop receiving a clear message of stop eating you are full. This leads to overeating and in time you will get fat.

The free radicals also attack the brain cells responsible with making us hungry unfortunately they are better protected. I think our bodies consider them more important. If your body were hungry but you didn’t know it you might risk starving yourself to death. Not a desired result.

The study also revealed that the cells responsible with lowering your appetite are less effective after a meal full of carbohydrates or unhealthy sugar. So if you eat foods rich in carbs or that contain lots of sugar you probably are overeating. Fast food and junk food is full of carbohydrates and is another reason for the explosion of overweight people worldwide.

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