Bike Riding For a Healthier Life

July 27, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

Dieting is not about starving yourself to death or refusing yourselves the pleasures of eating. Dieting is about healthy, balanced eating complimented with sufficient exercise like walking, jogging, stretching, working out or bike riding.

Bike riding is not only healthy and sliming but also fun and practical. Starting with spring and till late summer and early fall you can choose to go to and from work by bike. If you live to far, no problem, use your bike to get about your neighborhood or go groceries shopping. You can go bike riding outside? No problem. You can use a indoor bike or even a treadmill if you prefer. You will gain more muscle, loose weight and look fresh and healthy.


Bike riding, either outside or indoors uses more muscle groups. Just half an hour per day will do wanders for your legs and thighs. If you can buy a indoor bike you’ll have different benefits such as built-in workout programs, heart monitor or just the fact that you can also do other mundane things at the same time like watching T.V for example or listening to music.

On the other hand, outdoor bike riding has the benefits of fresh air and excitement by going places you normally wouldn’t. Even if your muscles will be sore after the first 3-5 days, don’t give up. Keep on working and after the first week your muscles will get used to the workout.

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